Tuesday, 20 October 2009

All change!!

remember the free desk that i got out of a skip on Friday!!..

well it has caused me no end of trouble..it has resulted in me throwing myself around the house like Kevin the teenager as things just were not going to plan like they should have been!!

the problem was i was swapping my old computer desk for the one id found but it just didn't look right in the room..the problem was id already got rid of the old one so needed a desk or somthing for the computer now!!
... i was trying to look beyond the oak and think that when it was painted it would look different but it just didn't work housing a computer, the moniter was to big and all the techno bits like wires and things were all stuck at the side of it so it just looked a mess.. i was fuming to say the least!!!

BUT.. i did like were id shoved the desk in the corner of the room when my temper got the better of me as a genuine place for were the computer should go as it freed up so much more room !!

well we went to ikea tonight and bought a little computer desk..Ive never wanted a modern computer desk in my house as i don't want my house to look like an office but this is quite cute..my sister has it in pink in her dining room and it looks rather nice so i knew i was on to a winner!!..

i was worried that with my two red arm chairs it might start looking a bit much but to be honest it doesn't.. it just sits in the corner under my china cabinet without a care in the world!!!

Ive had a move about as well because of this.. Ive moved my singer sewing machine table in this room

and moved the new (old) beauru into the space were the sewing machine was.. i think both have now found their natural spaces.. the sewing machine was to small in that alcove with the high ceiling and the desk just looked plain old big and ugly in this smaller sized room

I'm thinking how sweet this desk will look when its painted up a lovely old country cream colour.. cant wait to do it !!

the problem with this room it doesn't get loads of light and until about 6 o'clock in the summer is quite a dark room so I'm never happy with it.. also as its next to the kitchen it does act like a bit of a corridor .. so I'm sure it will continue to be the moving around room!!!!

hubby is hoping that this is the last of the moving around..i don't think he understands the decorating plans that are going to be taking shape over the next few weeks

hahahhahahahha ( evil laugh going on here !!!)


  1. Hello Hunni...wow, your home is super cute!
    Ilove the new desk and the vintage one...:>))

  2. Ahh, glad you finally found a place for everything! I love moving furniture around! I love your singer sewing machine table, i've got one exactly the same that i got from the tip for a tenner! I actually saw the same one go on ebay for about £120 the other week! Woohoo!
    Laura x

  3. oh my gosh your blog is so fun and full of so many great and wonderful things!!! Just loving it!!!!!

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  4. I don't know much Charl, but I know your blog is not pants.

    It is pretty, relaxing, fun, inspirational, happy, honest, creative and a lot more besides, keep it up please, I enjoying coming to say hello :)


  5. Hiya Charley,
    I seemed to have missed your last coule of posts, but the new desk is lovely - how fab that it was free too!!
    I do love having a look at your house, I think its one of the cosiest in blogland! xx

  6. oops should have said 'couple' of posts! xx