Saturday, 24 October 2009

All You Need Is....

well today i made a "LOVE" cushion using some plain red fabric i bought from IKEA last week and some of my Cath Kidston samples. it isn't fact its probably a bit rough round the edges and needs finishing but I'm quite pleased with the overall effect.. i am going to have a go at making the same style again but with "HOME" on it instead... will have to start building up the CK samples again though, as i just don't think i could bear to cut up such beautiful material into letters!!

its been ages since Ive used my sewing machine so i was made up to get the old girl out!!

on the subject of Cath Kidston we went to Morrison's supermarket before to get the children some tea, Ive had my eyes on their cake tins for a while and thought id treat myself oh well it is Saturday after all ( good excuse ey!)
i think they are gorgeous , very CK'esque don't you think but at £6.99 a lot cheaper..

£6.99 isn't bad is it for two tins that are a good size as well.. at the minute they are empty but i plan on doing some baking this week so they'll soon fill up!!!
so for now they have joined my cupcake patterned tins (also from Morrison's actually!!) on the pink shelves!!!

well now its saturday night. that can only mean one thing X-FACTOR!!!.
so its Ben & Jerrys ice cream and a few vodka and cokes.. im easily pleased arnt i !!...


  1. Love your cushion.I'm yet to give one a go.Might just do one soon :)

  2. Your cushion is gorgeous! Was in Ikea last week myself and bought some fabric, they are such good value arent' they. Loving those ins by the way, bargain! x

  3. Hi Charl, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! It enabled me to find your blog, and what a fab blog it is! You are a woman after my own heart! I love those cake tins, and the bits of furniture you have to restore. I love turning something old or tatty into something great! I shall follow your blog with great interest!!!! Vanessa xxx

  4. Hi there
    what a great cushion I have that on my never ending to do list I must get round to making it, and those tins I'm just trying to find a Morrisons that isn't miles away, still it's a nice day for a drive lol.
    Take care

  5. Charl, what a lovely pretty post :)The cushion is lovely, I love the words LOVE and HOME, you are very crafty and I think make very pretty special things for your home :)


  6. Your kitchen is so gorgeous Charl! Love it.
    The cushion is lovel too, well done.

  7. love all the soft pinks nad florals.

    sweet post.

    barbara jean