Saturday, 17 October 2009

Skip find suprise and charity shop buys!!

hi all

well yesterday my sister told me about the desk she had seen in a skip .. i thought she was having me on but no she had saw a real oak desk outside someones house in a skip!!!

after making sure she didn't want it for herself because how annoying would that be..if she had wanted it and i said oh thanks for that I'll have it!!

i got my brother in law to take me to the house before the skip people came and took it away .. to have a look at it myself .. i thought to be honest it might be a right shed and be all battered and bruised..but no it was just lying in the skip feeling sorry for herself in great condition other than being a bit old..but we like that right!!??

i tackled my nerves and thought how Kirsti Allsop would be proud of me and i knocked.. at first i don't think the lady realised what i was talking about but after me sputtering and spouting on about how i love old furniture and i would give her some money she realised were i was heading!

she was lovely..she didn't want any money for it and told me how it was her husbands grandmothers ..

it has a little plaque inside which has the date that the desk was presented on October 19th 1937 (which thinking bout it means that was 72 yrs ago in 2 days!!!!!..) from the Corinthian lodge to brother Samuel Baillie!!!!... how amazing is that ... a real proper bit of history right in my house!

anyways i do find it a bit ugly with the dark oak so I'm going to slap a bit of Farrow & Ball's string on it and i think it will come up a right treat..

cant believe what people will throw away though...

what is mad is that the current desk our computer is in.. is totally wreaked and Ive been thinking for the past couple of months how id really like a new one for it to go in,and now Ive got one!!!!

anyways i took advantage of the lovely autumnal sunshine that we've had this week to go up to town on my lunch hour in work and head to the charity shops. theres only 3 in my little town so you get round them pretty quick!
i picked up this lamp but Ive just painted it today.. its an ikea one i think..the previous owner had already painted the lamp base in a magnolia i think ( why would you do that!) so i just repainted over it with some cherry red..

this lovely single duvet cover which I'm just going to use as a throw in the living room..I'm just going to put an old single quilt in one that's gone a bit thin so i don't have a big thick quilt on the sofa but feels more like a quilted throw if you see what i mean!

i also picked up this lovely woodware serving dish which matches the jug i bought the other month.. i love this shade of blue and i think its just so pretty!!!!

on my way out of one of the charity shops this was in the window ..actually holding a book so you couldn't really see it at first..

Ive been after a cook book holder for ages so i was really pleased with this.. i think I'm going to paint it either a pale pink or a pale green..not sure yet!..
and then look at this beauty... i know its not but i think its very cath kidston esque don't you think!!!..

not only do you get this lovely dressing gown which goes perfect with my bedroom but you get the lovely bag and slippers to match..

I'm sure if i get bored with the dressing gown i could always use the material for something else!!!


  1. OMG, I can't believe that desk was thrown out!! That must be worth a bit of money surely. You lucky lucky thing!! Congrats on your buys too.

  2. I love all your finds..the dressing gown is sublime..and the desk wonderful!xxx

  3. Wonderful finds - I can't believe what some people throw out. Round our way skips are only ever full of rubble! LOL

  4. Fantastic Find hun!!! Nice piece of history you have now....Loving the blue bowl too hun xx
    Annie x
    P.s So nice to read your posts on here again xxx

  5. i can't believe what people chuck out!!! it's fab, lucky you!!