Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pink ladies!!

hi all

well today i finally got round to painting and getting hubby to put some shelves up in the kitchen that i bought from a carboot in about April..
they have been under my bed and were sooo dusty one of them even had a little cobweb with a tiny spider in..eeek!!!
anyways they only cost £1 for the two!!.. brand new from IKEA, and are really good quality.
so i took me self off to wilkos and bought 2 tester pots of their own pink emulsion and did my usual amazing slapdash job..followed by a bit of clear varnish that i already had!.
i was going to paint them white but i thought the pink might be fun and make a change in the kitchen add a splash of colour ( not that it really needs it but you can never have enough pink now can you!!)
so after much huffing and puffing and spirit levelling them out up they went..
i like them... i have only put two things up for now but it means that i can now start buying even more of other peoples junk and Ive got more wall space for it!!

Ive put my radio up because i usually have it on the worktop that's above my washing machine..and if the washing machine is on ( which is ALWAYS in this house!) then it just interferes with the I'm hoping that up there its alright!!
I'm pleased as well as i could keep my big enamel plate from IKEA on the wall .. i thought that we were going to have to take that down but for now its staying... that is until i start filling up the hooks with cath kidston aprons and oven gloves etc..
the poor things will probably fall down with the sheer weight of what Ive got planned!!!

the only trouble is i really need to repaint the whole kitchen as its soo minging .. as its a little kitchen it really collects the grease so the paint work really needs doing again.. so they'll be down in a few weeks when i get crackin!!

oh i painted the frame for the little home sweet home sampler that ive also had for ages and ages to.. i might keep it were it is for now as it makes a nice little corner display!!

anyways hope you've had a good weekend.. Ive been X-Factored out!!. anyone see Whitney.. was she actually talking to herself during her performance..crazy woman!!!


  1. Love your shelves, very pretty. Yes I saw Whitney , thought she was very odd when she was talking about the contestants at the end of her performance.
    Ann x

  2. Hiya!

    Lovely to read a post from you!
    I love the pegrail...its so super cute!x

  3. Love that colour babe!!
    Can't wait to see the finsihed result of the room!!