Tuesday, 21 December 2010

brrr its cold!!

theres no getting away from it...its just to cold for words!!
it really is sooo cold that our kitchen has become like a walk in fridge.. the only time Ive been in there is to boil the kettle for warm drinks!!

every were you look though people are talking about the weather..the news was practically full of weather reports... yes we know its cold.. wrap up or stay indoors.that's my advice!!!

so just thought id show you a few new additions to the house..that are actually indeed new.not from a charity shop but a real life shop!!!
have i come into money.....no me dears.. its good old wilkos and B&M's ..i love these shops so much .. i find myself browsing around them even though I'm not going to buy anything..some of it can be pure tat.but then there is really lovely things !!

here are my lovely grey blooms from wilkos.. a pound a piece !!

oh these are from eBay actually !!

but they were bought because i had just bought this lovely little Home coat peg holder from B&Ms.. and in my previous post i talked about loving the packaging things come in.. well this came in a blue and pink polka dot box...how could i not buy it!!
some little rose pictures from Home and Bargains..

and does this look familiar.. doesn't Laura Ashley sell these signs for about £10.. this was £1.99 from B&Ms .. my sister got it in the blue .. which is identical to the Laura Ashley one but i had to have it in the pink !!
i had forgotten i even had these two little heart pictures in the red frames.. until i was looking for something in a drawer and came across them.. they are from ikea and i think we got the pack of cards that the pics came last year sometime and the frames probably before then.. i was made up when i found them.. especially as i had just bought this picture

which i love but it needed somthing along side it !!... this was from wilkinsons.. i Love anything that says LOVE on it though!!
sorry for the fuzziness ..its not my eyes i think its the light when I was taking the picture!!!

and then what do you do when you get a bit bored.. you wrap some fairy lights round your banister and then stand and admire them.. honestly do you think i need to get a life or what!!.. i just love fairy lights they make me feel happy!!
anyways ..ive lit a ton of candles and it is true candles do make you feel warmer so im off to read my book and enjoy the candle light!!
keep warm


  1. I think that you have great collection in your shop. I like that you presented very beautiful pieces for home. It is very true that candles feel warmer and also look beautiful in home on this christmas season.
    adelaide photographers

  2. Your home looks lovely and cosy i love the rose pictures, And fairy lights do give a lovely feeling of warmth you enjoy it all. And i agree its sooooo cold i have never known it to be so and so much snow everywhere its a bit of a pain now to be honest as much as i love it. Have a lovely christmas Dee x

  3. I love finding bargains like your HSH sign - round here we've a chain called QD - they often have great end of line things - even found some Emma Bridgewater stuff in there!!

    Have a great christmas xxx

  4. Great buys it looks like you have really great shops where you live ,everything looks so cosy.
    merry christmas
    xx fee

  5. I love those shops. I also get cold meats from B & M and the wine from there. You've got some lovely bargains.

  6. Great buys again. I did manage to find the cake stands in Home Bargains and one slipped in my basket to come home! I would never have found them without having seen them on your blog. They had them on the highest shelf in the shop just flat in their boxes with none displayed! What a bargain though. Have a great Christmas.


  7. Hope you had a good Christmas! I, too, love B + M - often get things there for the home - I've got the HSH sign and the hooks!