Saturday, 18 December 2010

What time is it??

Its ten past snow!!

i know the snow can be a real pain but i do love how pretty it makes everything look!!


  1. Me too .... the garden had just got back to brown muddiness again and now its all white and pretty. As I don't really have to venture out now for a few days I am quite happy to sit with a cuppa and watch more of it come down x

  2. I Charl I agree it is pretty especially when it hasn't been walked on .Its when it turns to ice that it gets to be a pain
    enjoy the rest of the weekend
    xx fee

  3. It all looked so beautiful around here this morning,like Narnia.It would be fine if we didn't have to travel anywhere wouldn't it? We have to drive to London to see friends tomorrow,so I hope we don't get anymore snow overnight.Looks like you have had quite a lot there.
    Keep warm and enjoy the rest of the weekend. :0)

  4. Lovely!
    It was so beautiful to wake up to this morning.

  5. We got some snow this afternoon, I got back from a mad shopping dash just in time. It does all look so pretty, I especially love how quiet it makes everything, magical. I just don't like travelling in it so hope it goes by Monday for work. xx

  6. Thats how my garden clock looks! Well not quite that much snow. Its does look lovely.