Friday, 31 December 2010

Red White and Blue

red white and blue.. no I'm not talking about the American flag!!.. i thought id show you my new buys from IKEA from the other day...
oo i do love that place.. the hubby hates it.. with a passion.. his eyes glaze over from the minute we go through the doors.. and by the time we get to the lighting section he is practically dying!!...
i however could walk around it..go and have a coffee and then have another walk around it but because he is the driver... that ain't never going to happen is it now!!

i was in need of some candles so we went for a "quick"! look round were not only did i go candle crazy but kind of kept to a theme in terms of colour.. this wasn't meant to happen but i loved how my trolley looked!!

here's the little lot all together ..just as we got back in from our shopping trip.. i like how it matches my oilcloth on my dining table as well !!

picked up these lovely two packs of paper napkins.. you can never have enough napkins that's what i say.. and i think they'll come in very handy for a mini makeover of a tiny set of drawers Ive had for ages !!

some red and white lanterns .. we hung them up in the window as i love candle light against glass and i thought it looked quite Swedish in style .. ( OK maybe it doesn't but I'm going through a love affair with all things Nordic at the minute!!)

a new cosy red throw to snuggle up in on these cold nights..

some lovely red candles.. they smell lovely as well .

a close up of my new tray.. this was a complete bargain i thought £2.99 for a lovely big enamel tray..i wish i d bought a few now.. ( ahh shucks will have to go back !!) .. the edging is very pretty isn't it...

here it is in full.. with some chunky tea light holders that we bought as well ..

we got a coffee table .. now Ive been after a coffee table for ages for my front room but was always a bit nervous about sharp corners and my boys running and banging heads on them and things.. you know how it is!!.. but this is quite safe and although its a little modern for my tastes i like the fact its got that handy little shelf underneath and its quite solid even though its one of their cheapo designs.. so if it does get bashed about by the boys I'm not going to cry about it!!.. think it needs a little table runner and a nice little jug of flowers and some nice books.. ( honestly i can clutter just about anything cant i !!)

here's the window candles lit.. nice and cosy

i love this planter... once the candles have burnt themselves out .. i shall put some nice herbs in here buy until then i think it looks nice with the candles in!
and finally some more tins ... to add to my tin collection ( which i wasn't aware i had until i came home with these and didn't actually have anywere to put them at first as there was no space!!) i love the navy blue of them on my pale blue dresser and with the touch of red of the lantern next to them.. so bright and cheery..

so there you have it... a nice star spangled end to the year !!


  1. You did well there and the runner idea for the coffee table will be perfect!

  2. Lovely buys, I especially love the planter and lanterns. Our closest ikea is over an hour away so you're very lucky! That coffee table would be perfect with little baskets under if you wanted it to look a bit more shabby chic (then again, that's my answer to everything at the moment...baskets!) x

  3. Lovely buys - I would have snapped them up too! We also have an Ikea coffee table and active boys - we manage the table runner on it but the jug of flowers would be a non-starter! Instead, I have a pretty basket on it that can swallow up all their ugly stuff (DS, games, stylus etc) whilst allowing me to put pretty homes magazines etc on the rest of the table! Happy New Year to you all.

  4. Lovely buys! I went to Thurrock, Lakeside earlier this week but we ran out of time and which shop did I foolishly say I would leave this time...................Ikea!!
    We have to return another day to get some rugs for our newly fitted kitchen so will keep my eyes peeled for those heart planters!!
    I have some of those candles and the lovely smell lingers for days after they have been lit!
    I am a new blogger but have been enjoying your blogs for a while now.
    Happy New Year!

  5. Love the Nordic theme, I brought some of those candles form Ikea last year, they last forever.
    Have a fab New Year... Em xxx

  6. Beautiful quite partial to the Nordic/Scandinvian style too, all fresh and simple!
    HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR, all the very best xx

  7. The only way I can get my hubby through the door is to tempt him with the promise of Swedish meatballs and a coffee(he loves Ikea coffee)in the cafe!
    I love all your purchases..just what I would have gone for.
    Wishing you a very Happy New Year and happy blogging in 2011! :0)

  8. Oh what wonderful finds...

    Happy New Year:)

  9. I too love IKEA but like your hubby mine also develops homicidal tendencies as we walk around so we haven't been for ages!! Have a wonderful and very Happy New Year.
    Jo xx

  10. ooh, you got some corking bargains. I love Ikea, but don't get to shop there very often :o( Actually, perhaps that's for the best, I'd buy too much anyway! Happy New Year :o)