Sunday, 3 May 2009

pictureless post!!

well my darling hubby has managed to lose our cable that connects the camera to the computer .. so cant show any piccies of my lovely china set i bought for £1.49 in the charity shop yesterday.. fuming as its soo pretty but I'm sure the wait will be worth it once we find it ( along with my sisters hairdryer that she lent me last week which we've misplaced as well..honestly I'm sure the borrowers have moved in!!!)

hope your bank holiday weekend has been nice..we've had lovely weather havnt we which i think always helps apart from today which i did think go rather chilly

we went for a lovely walk to delemere forest have you heard of it??.. we went in the morning and it was so peaceful with the sun shining through the trees lovely..
on the way home called into the nearest charity shop i could find needed a small fix after being at one with nature and all !
were i bought the said china teacups and saucers ..oo they are lovely!
today we went to watch my nephew play a football final ( under 10's!!) and they won.. so that was nice and then we went to my in laws for a roast dinner ( which was very nice!!)

came home before and did the mountain of ironing that was awaiting me.. i didn't want to do it tomorrow as i get that "going back to school tomorrow!" feeling now I'm back in work .. so i wanted to have a nice easy night tomorrow night.. so just finished that and am going to have a little read of my book as both children are in bed !!!

have a good bankholiday and if you get to any carboots on bank holiday monday hope you manage to get tons of shabby chic bargains!!

hopefully we will find the cable so i can upload some pictures and if i manage to buy any treasures tomorrow i want to show them to!


  1. Hi Charl, you are teasing us, we need to see the china Hee Hee! My Paris Rose wallpaper is in my spareroom/craftroom but at the moment its the dumping ground room. I was going to do a post at some point of a before and after, but at the moment its full of junk so cant get a decent photo to show you, but I have 3 pictures I took of it when it was nearly finished which I have put on my flickr photos so you can see it. Go to my blog and on the right hand side near the top is my flickr badge thingmibob, just click on that and when you get to flickr the photos are the last three on the 'Corners of my home set' Excuse the quality of the pictures as they were taken awhile ago with my rubbish camera. My spare room is small but the 'busyness' of the paper isnt overpowering. Ive got white tongue and groove halfway up so its not the full length of the wall. Ive been thinking of painting it green, Ive bought the paint but Im not sure X

  2. Your welcome! X That end is tidy, but you should see everything dumped on the daybed (or perhaps not) Im thinking of doing Farrow and Ball saxon green on my tongue and groove just because my passage has alot of white T and G. Ive had a look at my colour chart and your choice of Cornforth White will go lovely with it as there is a greyish colour in the paper. Cant wait to see your pictures when you do it. Toodle Pip X

  3. Hi Charl,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to seeing your china set. Oh yes, I know Delamere Forest, my parents live in Chester (where I was brought up) and my grandad in Malpas. We often went to Delamere Forest. Ah, that brings back memories.
    Hen x