Monday, 18 May 2009

Garden Party

nipped to Tescos the other day and happened to find myself buying a paper tablecloth as it looked rather pretty and it said it was wipe able which is an added bonus when you have a very messy toddler and  a baby trying to feed himself at meal times!!!
thought it would be a little square really not much to it....
but no.. its quite big and its sooooo pretty... and its called Garden Party, which conjures up loveliness in my mind!!! I'm not sure how long it will actually last before its ripped etc but it only cost 75p so I'm sure i can afford to go and get a couple more!!!
i think i might make some bunting for the garden with it as well... 

now i was sent an email from decorative country living today and there was this picture on the gorgeous is this.. 

doesn't this just make you yearn for a warm balmy summer evening... this is defo the look I'm going to go for in my little yard in the evenings.. once it starts warming up at least!!..
do you think we'll get a nice summer this year.. i do hope so body is calling out for some vitamin c!! 

Ive been collecting a few little bits for my little yard ( shall we call it my courtyard terrace instead!!) now all i need to do is get a few more plants ( even though hubby has said noway we have enough.. is he daft or summit!) so if the carboot is going to be on on bank holiday i might get some from there

so Ive picked up  these tiles from a few different charity shops over the past few months that i think will look lovely up on the wall 

and then these different style lanterns are sure to look gorgeous with flickering candles in

and last but not least a tray to hold my drinky and perhaps a nice jug of flowers 

oh take a look at this .. it is a weed but i think its so pretty ..its got lovely little purple flowers and i love the way its growing around the trellis and over my plant holder.. would you cut it back as it is a weed or keep it because its pretty... ???
arnt weeds just friends you haven't met!!!!???


  1. gorgeous table cloth!! And that picture is really pretty x

  2. I have that tablecloth too, it's so pretty isn't it and very handy.
    I may start referring to my yard as a courtyard too. ;)

  3. Oh your bits , if you'll pardon the expression, are just chuffin gawgus gal...I adore absolutely everything especially your CS tiles they're beautiful oh and the lanterns and tray and the jug oh and Ilove alot of weeds we have one I'm not sure if its the same it spreads all over the ground ,with tiny sapphire blue flowers, and I love it so keep your trailing xxxx

  4. Laj says it all so much bettererererer than i can, i love love love all your bits.... the garden will look precious with all your bits in it.....

    Isnt that a clematis?....... i dunno but im sure it looks pretty.

    Love and hugs honey. Mwah XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  5. I'm going to spend a bit of time in my yard too this weekend, bought a few plants yesterday and hubby will put some wall planters up for me. I've got the very same "weed" in my yard, I love it, it's so pretty, definitely keep it I'd say.

  6. I have some of that weed too - I've left mine because it looks so pretty, although when I first moved in my damp proofing guy ripped a load off the walls because he said it wasn't good. Obviously no sense of style ;) x