Saturday, 16 May 2009

lazing on a rainy afternoon!!

well its been pretty miserable today hasn't it...well if not round your way its defo been round here!
its been a little strange really the weather today because at some points of the day its actually been cracking the flags..which has meant Ive felt awful for having my heating on but i needed to get the washing dry!!..

anyways i didn't get dressed until about 4.30 gross is that!! but we had such a slobby day, we were up at silly o'clock with the two boys who seem to now be in sync with each others waking habits which means we both have to get up as well!! ( i do lie in bed sometimes remembering those special times when me and hubby would get a lie in and then wander over to buy a bacon barm from the buttie shop and then read the papers.whilst recovering from a mad night out and then get ourselves ready for another mad night out...ahhhh memories!!!!) anyways i digress!!

now please don't laugh.. i haven't been able to stop thinking about "hens" home and love cushions that she made herself and i thought that i would have a go at making one even as a trial run!
it took hours and it really isn't the best but i thought as I'm so rubbish at invisible stitches i might as well make a feature of them so you can see all the stitches ..but that's deliberate OK!!!

this is only the first go so i may get better as i go along!!

i mean when you look at other peoples crafting and sewing their talent is amazing.. I'm so obviously an amateur with very little patience so my things never turn out how i picture them but i suppose its all a learning curve really.... !!

then i decided to have a go at making a bag..Ive never made one before so wanted to have a try at making one at least

so take one dress that I've been putting on eBay for weeks that no one wanted to buy

and hack it up and try to make it into a bag ..actually i don't mind it you know.. i think its worked out quite well and it was mostly done by freehand so its not to bad!!
i do need to line the handle as its a bit floppy really and could do with a better finish to it

right some last minute charity shop buys ...

a lovely blue petal ware jug complete with fake flowers which I'm not sure about but I'll keep them for now

and a lovely red throw which I'm adding to my other fleecy throw collections.. honestly they are treat in the summer if you have outside bbqs etc you just wrap yourself in them

right everyone hope you are all watching the eurovision..wonder were we'll come this year..1st or 25th..we'll see ey!!!
whatever I'm missing terry wogans little comments!!!


  1. You've been busy. Some wonderful makes.

  2. Your makes look great well done you!! and that throw is exactly the same design but with the colours in reverse as 2 KS duvet sets I bought from Ikea a couple of yrs ago, one is still in the pkt...your buys are great xx

  3. That colour would look great in a bethroom.
    Love your cushion, you know that is something else I have wanted to have a go at too.
    Love your chair is that a Cabbages & Roses print?