Monday, 25 May 2009

carboot goodies

what a glorious weekend we've had ey!

lovely sunshine and i think this has been the first bit of sun were it was really warm as well oh happy days i hope it stays like this all summer now ( is this a little bit to optimistic!!?)

we went to the bank holiday carboot today and it was packed because of the good weather which didn't bode well for bargains i thought especially as we didn't get there until mid morning!

but i did manage to nab a few things.. you know I'm trying to build up a nice little plate collection so that i can put them up on the wall and make a feature well i got hold of a few more today

and along with a nice little serving bowl which will come in handy now BBQ season is upon us.. need nice bowls to put salads in etc don't you think!

bought a lovely little china posy .. oo I'm so in love with these pretties they are soo delicate!!

i was made up when i came upon this bag of drawer handles . they are porcelain ones and the lady only wanted £2 for all 10 of them.. i bought them in a flash just in case she changed her mind!

I've put them on my chest of drawers in my bedroom.. which Ive now realised needs a good ol repaint..its a bit like when you try a new pair of shoes on with an old outfit you can just tell!!

and i got this lovely double handed little bowl.. i thought it was lovely,

for my rocking chair i bought a lovely cushion cover but now i need to find a cushion insert that's big enough!!

looking back on most of my purchases they mostly involved a floral pattern of some sort.. is there a theme starting to build up in my house do you think!

oh sob sob.. i bought this lovely Johnson's bros grey dawn little milk jug and a matching bowl and a little sugar pot all for £2.20 and i smashed the sugar pot before as i was trying to find a home for it.. i couldn't believe it .. gutted i was!!!

i think i could have bought more but me and hubby had given ourselves a £10 budget each!!
i did end up with really bad blisters on my heels so had to take my little pumps off .. oo i felt like a free spirit walking in the grass with bare feet!!
hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend.. mine has been very laid back, lots of reading in the sun and had some friends and family round.. love weekends like this just wish i didn't have that sick "going back to work tomorrow" feeling in my tummy now!!!


  1. Oh love your boot sale buys
    The plates are beautiful they will look fantastic on a wall. Cant wait to see it x

  2. Those knobs were a steal Charl ... well found x

  3. Oh great bargain finds, love that second plate especially.
    I bet you were gutted about the greydawn sugar bowl!