Friday, 15 May 2009

hello sailor !!

found a piece of forgotten fabric the other day in my linen cupboard, it was a piece of laura ashleys nautical range that i won off ebay about 2 years ago now,
it was way before i had any inkling to do any real sewing and i had used some of it to make some bunting for my babies room
how did i make bunting without sewing... with straws and glue!!.. id got the idea from a childrens craft website !!

anyways i was left with quite a good size so thought id make a blind. well i didnt have that much so i just made a pelmet but i think it looks pretty effective.. i think the red blind underneath with the eyelets in also has a nautical feel to it ( they could be the windows of a boat!!) so im quite liking it together

what do you think ??

i love this room.its such a bright room and i was a bit worried that when we moved the baby in here aswell as our toddler that the cot would make it feel really cramped but it hasnt i dont think..
obviously we'll have to get them bunk beds in a couple of years if we dont move as we only have a two bedroom house but even that i think will work heres a couple of pics
i love the nautical theme that it has got running through it . im sure as they get older they'll want to change it.. so im going to start brainwashing them to like the cath kidston cowboy range or the london design..which i think is quite cool!!..
who says its got nothing to do with me.. its their space pah.. its my house!!!!!

what do you think of this lovely quilted throw i bought for both boys from ikea ..they only cost £7.99 or somthing a bit daft, until i learn how to make one they can have these as i think its really nice. they are lovely and snuggly and my toddler uses his for his afternoon nap!

i made another cushion aswell this week seen as i had the sewing machine out i thought id go mad!!
.. a spotty one this time..although i really want to make the "home"cushion that hen has made ..check out her blog ..... ....... they are sooo nice.. i think i'll have to have a few practise runs first though as i am pretty rubbish at slapdash !!!
but im really loving the stripes and flowers and spots just works doesnt it, thats why i love the whole shabby chic look..nothing has to be to matchy matchy.. but somehow it still goes together !!

right i have both boys asleep at the minute so im going to take advantage of the peace and quiet and have some homemade chocolate cake and a nice cuppa hmmmm!!
( it actually looks disgusting doesnt it but it does taste nice!!!)


  1. Ohooo Charl the blind looks perfect and the cushion too, very sweet. Well done, the boy's room looks beautiful :)


  2. Love the pelmet and your boy's room looks great - those quilts are gorgeous

  3. Love that fabric and the pelmet looks great.
    Fab room too.

  4. OOoo that room is gorgeous. Love the pelmet, well done.

    Love and blessings

  5. What a lovely post all bright and cheerful and nautical and finishing off with chocco cake...what more could you ask for??
    I adore the Ikea quilts and all of the room throughout its a room any little boy would be proud to show off to his mates. and your pelmet finishes it off a treat well done you xx

  6. I love your boys room. Looks fab :) The pelmet is just perfect with the blind - I love the nautical fabric. I, well the boys have one of those Ikea quilts they are so cute. X

  7. Hi. I love the blind and the pelmet together too, very nice! I had sailboats for my little boys nursery too, I thought it's so sweet and seeing that his daddy loves boats it would be perfect. Anyway, he's just turned 3 and is a HUGE Thomas fan so we're in the process of a Thomas make over. Now if we could just get him to sleep in his 'big boy' bed instead of the porta cot that we had to drag out seeing that I sold his cot, that would be great! lol
    I love your cushion and bag you made too, great job! I don't have the patience to sew, I smash china and glass for my mosaics instead but I love to see what others have made. Well done!
    Ooh, love your pretty finds too!