Monday, 15 February 2010

a little bit of inspiration goes a long way!!

well the bathroom saga continues..the hubby got the tongue and groove up finally last night but ran out once he got near to the end.. literally needs about 2 pieces .. how galling is that!!..

i painted it about 10.30 last night.. talk about dedication.. ( or madness some might say!)..

today hubby has laid the other half of the rooms tiles on the floor and has just ran out of grout for about 4 tiles.. ( can you see a pattern emerging here!)

so because i still cant see the light at the end of the tunnel here i just thought id show you some of the pictures of bathrooms from the website that are a little bit inspirational to me !!

I'm not a lover of lilac to be honest but i think this looks really feminine and i love the collection of mirrors and vintage plates

this is definitely been my main inspiration with the grey cladding and floral wallpaper.. i just love this

how lovely is this with the baby pink and the gorgeous floral towels, i really want a mix of floral and dotty towels but i think I'm going to have to save up for the ones i want!!!... and i sort of don't want them getting spoilt by the boys of the house !!!

i hope our cladding looks as smart as this... but the way i paint i cant imagine that!!

love this coastal look.. i think it looks very 1950s and brighton rocks!!!

if you havnt been on the housetohome website you must go on ..they have so many pictures of rooms to give you inspiration.. im always on it haveing a nose as they tend to update each month.. so they give you the best rooms from all the mags including country homes and interiors so somtimes i feel like i dont even need to buy the magazine anyway!!!!!


  1. Charl, I am sure yours will look just as gorgeous xxx

  2. I can sypathise with you we are having bathroom re-done bath and sink but still flushing loo with a bucket!!! Lol, hope you get finnished soon I just cannot wait to be able to flush a toilet sad am I !! Love the ideas fav is the floral wall paper lovely

  3. I am just in the middle of revamping my bathroom too.
    Lovely pictures for spurring me on, yours is looking really good, love the cladding bet it is going to look beautiful. Emma xx

  4. After looking at these pics it makes me want to re-decorate something very inspiring I bet you can not wait till your bathroom is finished .I will be having a look on that web site thanks for the info

  5. Hello!

    At this moment I have 4 different colour testers on my bedroom walls!

    Clare x

  6. Love ALL those bathrooms,but the 2nd one is my favourite!

    Bellaboo :)

  7. Ooh some lovely bathrooms, just as I am seeking inspiration too! A very good selection, hard to chose a favourite but maybe the 2nd one has the edge over the others...

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. Great photos! I love clawfoots tubs. LOVE them!

  9. 'Oooohhhh' I love the inspirational pictures and I'd have to say 'yep' the second one is my favourite too.

    Hope you get your bathroom finished?

    Nina x

  10. They are stunning bathrooms aren't they!

    I know what you mean about everything being a novelty - I can't wait to do my food shop either!!

    Victoria xx

  11. Love all those bathrooms to bits!! I'm sure it wont take too long to complete yours, then you can take pics!!
    I love the floral & polka dot towels too. While you're saving up for those, have you thought of sewing bands of your favorite rosey & spotty fabrics on the edges of white towels? They look really pretty, and it doesn't cost a lot. (Would be a good idea to wash the fabric first, to make sure it has shrunk a bit first.)
    Keep us posted on your bathroom : )

    Sharon xx

  12. Lovely pics. I used this pic here to get inspiration for my old bathroom:

  13. So frustrating to run out almost at the end lol
    Great inspirational photos
    looking forward to a bathroom update
    Exciting stuff
    Hugs Suz x

  14. The last picture just gave me an idea on how I would design my kid's bathroom. My kids want to have a blue and yellow bathroom, which I think is too awkward to combine. But seeing this, I think the idea is achievable. And I don't have to change the current toilet seat and sink since it's already white. I'm just wondering what kind of tile they used. Is it a ceramic tile? It's been 2 years now, how does your bathroom look now? I hope you achieved the look that you wanted.
    = Roland Duffer @