Friday, 12 February 2010

progress report...

bathroom revamp is going rather slow!

Ive now got an en suite in my bedroom..!!!

we have no water.. Mr Buxton springs is making a fortune just from us..having to buy bottled water to wash in, wash up,

using a bucket as a toilet.. honestly its like going camping!!!!..

half of the floor has been tiled now.. so hubby is going to finish the other half tonight.. ( our bath is really heavy so he had to wait for one side to set until he can let any weight go on it or something like that!!) it has taken longer than what we thought and these jobs always seem to throw up either more expense or jobs that we just didnt expect to have to do..

never mind it will be worth it!!!

so until here's a pretty heart that my sisters mother in law bought me.. its v pretty and my new pretty cups and saucers i bought the other day!!


  1. We're having our bathroom done at the moment too and didn't quite realise how much of an upheaval it was - even with having a spare bathroom! As people keep saying - it'll be worth it in the end!

  2. Always seem to have hiccoups with DIY but it's going to be worth it in the end!
    I just read on another blogs bathroom makeover that the wall came away when the old tiles were removed!
    Very pretty cups.


  3. ooh conveniant to have the sink etc right at the end of the bed!!
    if only i had the space to put one in my bedroom!heh heh
    just teasing it must be a blooming nightmare tho im sure it will all look stunning when its all done