Thursday, 25 February 2010


well new to me!!

this sweet little dish .. for the floral bathroom of course.. will be able to put my rings etc in it when I'm having a soak!

new picture to add to the gallery!!.. just need to wack a bit of paint on the frame..its a little gold for my tastes!!

some cheery oilcloth for my table.. very handy when we have messy eaters.. ( i am actually talking about me here and not the kids haha!!)

a little top..which will look nice with a little a-line skirt.. love the spots and bows combo!!
i love adding to my little house and my wardrobe..don't you!!

thank you all so much for the comments on my bathroom.. all so encouraging and complimentary they have meant so still very much enjoying the bathroom..but the finishing touches still need to be done so i cant rest 100% until then!!


  1. That dish is very pretty and will go perfectly in your gorgeous bathroom! xx

  2. Will you believe that I used to have that dish years ago! I agree that a different coloured frame will look much nicer with the pretty picture.

  3. Good on your girl, it is so nice to see someone getting so much enjoyment out of their home. Love that top and the oil cloth is fab. I would give the picture frame a paint job too, sometimes I even paint the mount with emulsion if it looks a bit tired!x

  4. I can see that dish will be perfect in the bathroom with your pretty floral wallpaper,and the picture will look much nicer with a lighter coloured frame.
    I love buying things for my home,more so than clothes!

    Bellaboo :o)

  5. oooooooooh can't believe someone I "know" one the big box of Easter goodies!!! I'm as excited as if I won myself!!! ha ha.... well done!! Very jealous of all the goodies on their way to you! xx

  6. Lovely goodies Charley, the oilcloth is lovely - a bit different from the normal colours you see. I love your painted chairs too :) xxx

  7. Im in love with your bathroom and can imagine spending hours and hours just relaxing in there! Something which never happens in here!! LOL

    Congrats on winning the Easter box :)