Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pink to make the boys wink!!

hi all!

havnt blogged for a week or so but it feels ages! anyways hope your'e ok.. im just blinkin freezing all the time.. please hurry up spring so i can get warm again!!!

anyways i think i might have mentioned the other week that i work with my mum, i only work the first half of the week since having the babies ive gone part time..and mum works all the week.. so into work i came fresh a daisy monday morning ( well ok perhaps not so fresh..maybe a little fuzzy eyed and running late as usual!!) when mummy presented me with these things she had bought me on the friday but had left them in work..

well that soon woke me up.. they are just ....... so me!!!. i knew as soon i looked at them were i would put them aswell !!..

this lovely oval shaped bucket with a lovely vintagey floral pattern

and a floral jug to match ( another one for the collection!!)

they are a lovely faded pink .. but as usual the pants camera i own just doesnt pick this up..( or it might be that in a 3 light fitting only one bulb is working now!!! )

it got me thinking how over literally the past few days i have bought quite a few things all with a pink tone to them.. how strange.. i must be in a pink mood at the minute!!..

on friday i picked up this lovely plate.. which is all soft pinks around the frilly edge

then on Saturday after making our way to ikea in the fog.. are we daft..yes a little id say it was a little scary as we couldn't even see the road signs but in our defence it had been lovely and sunny when we had left the house.. i bought some new washing up brushes.. in hot pink no less

and this gorgeous throw over in a lovely deep plummy shade..

don't want to put it on my sofa though just yet as I'm in the middle of making some new cushions in a lovely fabric that it will look lovely against..

a bowl in a pretty baby pink that I'm using as a fruit bowl..

then today i bought these three lovely little candles that have a gorgeous rose print pattern on the outside of the candle holder.. from the charity shop of course originally from Boots.. i got them for 99p!!

now onto something a little bit exciting in the pretty vintage household.... can you guess what it is ????

are you sure?????

OK I'll tell you....... the bathroom is finally getting done...decorated .. new image.. the lot!!!!

the hubby took up most of the floor today.. ( horrible tiles inherited from previous owner full of cracks and most of the grout missing.. looked dirty .. all of the time!!)..

so over the next few days he is going to lay a new floor and then we get started on the walls .. that's the bit I'm most excited about... so watch this space !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Look forward to seeing what you put on your walls, I feel a little pink may be in the air somehow ;0)

    Beautiful finds and what lovely treats from mum, lucky you, you deserve them :0)


  2. What lovely gifts from your mum. I know what you mean about pink I seem to keep finding things with a pink and rose theme , oh well I am not complaining. Good luck with your bathroom, can't wait to see the end result, I wonder if it will feature pink ?
    Ann x

  3. Wow, pink, vintage, bathroom makeover... you've got the lot! I know what you mean about the tiles always looking dirty - we have inherited a whole downstairs floor like that. Very depressing.

  4. Love all that pinkness... and looking forward to the bathroom transformation!
    I'm always doing battle with the tiles in our shower,usually have to resort to pure bleach which I don't like using.

    Bellaboo :)

  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see the bathroom! LOVE all the pink stuff so much :)

    Mel xxx