Sunday, 14 February 2010

progress report ... part deux!!

well there is some progress with the bathroom.... well we now have batons on the wall to take the tongue and groove cladding and the toilet is back in again... do have to use a bucket of water to flush it though.. which is a bit annoying when you are desperate for a wee and your there filling up a bucket with water which obviously then increases the need for said wee !!!!

to much information there.. .yeah probably!!

the floor is still not finished but the hubby has said he is going to do the other half last of all as the adhesive took a while to set so he wouldn't be able to get on with the tongue and groove as he wouldn't be able to stand on the tiles... oh I'm bored of it already if i can be honest with you!!

to take my mind off the fact the whole house is in disarray.. ( why is that i wonder when its only one room that's getting done that the whole house is affected!) i ordered this gorgeous very cath kidston style fabric off ebay

and made myself a curtain for the washing machine..

and a little pelmet for my little room next to the kitchen..

sometimes you just need a bit of floral happiness to take you away from the mess of the real world don't you!!!


  1. Will all be worth it,and you'll soon be able to have that luxurious bath in your lovely new bathroom!
    Love the curtain fabric and the pelmet...very 'cottagey'.

    Bellaboo :)

  2. You're right - 1 small room creates so much mess. I spent most of yesterday walking over the radiator which was lying in the middle of the floor! Fortuntely we've now finished!!!!!
    Love your makes - well done!