Friday, 19 February 2010

progress report....all done for now!!

bathroom at start of work!!

well the bathroom is practically complete.... yay !!!

all that is left to do now is to grout the tiles ( you know it would have been so much easier buying lino!!) and perhaps put up a couple of shelves above the toilet..
i did have a dresser top lined up for this .. but it was just to big and looked silly!!
Ive painted the side of the bath in hot pink but it needs another coat really and the feet need painting white now as well...

it is i have to admit.. a tad overly floral.. as i was putting the paper up i was getting more and more floral'd out.. until the thought of ever seeing Paris rose wallpaper again made me feel a little but nauseous.. but that was because it was about 1.30am and i just wanted to get it finished!!

so all that is left to do now is open a nice sparkly rose get a good book and run a deep bath..!!!


  1. charl - that is amazing - you can come and do mine!!
    is the bath cast iron? we have a plaggy roll top I want to paint the side of...think it needs specialised paints??

  2. WOW! I love it! The floral wallpaper is gorgeous and the pink bath too.Have always wanted a free standing one like that.It was worth all the effort.Now lie all those bubbles....and enjoy!

    Bellaboo :0)

  3. Hello Charl, I found your blog via vintage vicki. I don't know how I missed your lovely postings. The bathroom looks gorgeous! Sue

  4. I love the bathroom, can't be too floral for me I think it looks lovely. I haven't had a bath for years........I'm a shower girl but with a bath like that I would surely change my mind.

  5. That is looking really good - could imagine being in there - door locked, candles lit, glass of wine on the go ;)

    And then kids banging on the door needing a wee ;)

  6. Fabulous love it all but really love that pretty
    Well done a room to spend lots of time soaking in the bath with a good book hehe
    Suz x

  7. Oh it look AMAZING hun!! Yes very girly and very GORGEOUS!!!
    Well done to you and your hubby!!
    Have a great weekend hunny!
    Annie x

  8. oh my god thats just gorgeous
    i now require you to assist me in my bathroom....
    would begging work

    i just love it!!i want your bathroom


  9. DROOL!!!

    Oh its so very beautiful!

    Lovely, lovely, loverly!!!


  10. No such thing as overly floral! Looks gorgeous - you've done a fabulous job - I envy!

  11. It looks fab! So glamorous and pretty. You can never have enough florals X

  12. gorgeous bathroom - it's lovely and I have bathroom envy now lol xx

  13. Beautiful bathroom!!! I wouldn't want to leave it in the morning, it's gorgeous!!!
    Is that wallpaper CK? iT'S ADORABLE : )
    Well done : )

  14. Love it, well done. Looks so pretty and don't you love that wallpaper, have to say it makes me smile everytime I see it :0)

    Enjoy your special bath


  15. Oh my post from yesterday has gone or didn't post arrggghhhh
    Your bathrooms just gorgeous hun love the floral and I'm not a flowery person at all...but I think you can get away with so much more in a bathroom.
    I'm after T&G for our bathroom and we have the same shower curtain fixture as yours lol, plus a robe for storage, you've done a beautiful job well done xx

  16. that is exactly the bath that I would have chosen ! Wonderful.

    have a fabulous week

  17. Very beautiful! I love your bath. xxx

  18. It looks gorgeous - a real retreat, and one to make you smile every time you go in. Love it. x

  19. oh my goodness!! it is so gorgeous xxxx

  20. Hi Charl,
    Your bathroom is gorgeous, really pretty and the pink on the side of the bath is really striking.
    Thanks for the comment on the quilt, I'm glad its finished now! When do we get to see your quilt? xx

  21. I'm so glad that you left a comment on my blog becase it means that I've found my way to yours. Your bathroom looks great and I absolutely love the colour of your roll top.


  22. Hi there!!
    Just spotted you on a bloggy freinds page and thought id check you out!
    I just wanted to say that your bathroom looks fab! I would love a girly bathroom....

  23. Hiya Charl,
    the shoes are not bad for 13 quid! And they are actually comfy too! I will take some pics of my outfit (maybe without me in it tho! dont want to spoil the picture! lol)

  24. Your new bathroom is so pretty Charl I love it. The wall paper is gorgeous! Great cupboard too.x

  25. wow your bathroom looks stunning !!!