Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Normal Service to Resume Shortly

well its been a lovely past few weeks.. however my oldest boy is back at school tomorrow and the little bubble that we've been living in has to come to an end!!

so its normal service from tomorrow

no more sitting in our pjs watching cbeebies on the computer while eating our breakfast..
instead of at the dining table with no distractions!

no more mummy sitting in her pjs for most of the day reading gossipy mags

no more drinking endless cups of coffee and digging into the biscuit tin through out the day!!

no more eating handfuls of dolly mixtures every time we go into the kitchen ( again mummy!!)

and no more endless cheese and cracker midnight snacks with a large glass of rose always as a side accompaniment!! ..

its early to bed now the school run beckons again!!!..

i know we do need routine in our lives and the fact that some of the days did blend into one another so it could have become boring in the end if it carried on..but it has been so lovely having lots of snuggly days in our pjs and eating whatever we wanted.. but its everything in moderation i know.. now Ive got to get back on a bit of a diet wagon if i don't want to end up looking like a sumo wrestler!

so from tomorrow its back to packed lunches.. ironed school uniforms.. sensible meal times and a dollop of self control!!!

oh well Ive still got a few more hours to go ..think I'll just make myself one more gin and tonic!!!


  1. I know, its really hard getting back into the routine. Especially when its so dark when you get up!
    I also decided today was the day to eat more normally too...................but those leftover choccies on the coffee table were just crying out to be eaten!! Oh well, another day!

  2. Ah, I remember "first day back." It comes round far too soon! (Nips off to fetch cheese and crackers.....) SueXXX

  3. Good Luck and a Happy New Year! Here's to getting back to normal!!!

  4. Oh I know how it is, we are back tomorrow but I have got use to lazy days and comfort food, tomorrow as you say back to packed lunch and early get up's!

  5. I know exactly how you feel, today was my first day back to reality and getting up was certainly difficult. It's amazing how quickly you adjust back though. Happy New Year to you.
    Ann x

  6. It's having to set that alarm and getting up in the dark again I find hard.Oh well,roll on the Spring! ;0)

  7. I know what you mean - it's horrible having to burst the bubble. My 2 went back today and I hate having to sort school bags out, make up lunchboxes and general school stuff. Roll on half term!

  8. *Happy New Year*
    Oohhh I don't have any little ones but the endless amounts of yummy scrummy food, sweeties & wine has gone now & I think I'm going to miss it!

  9. Totally agree with you there and I suppose it could get boring in the end but roll on easter
    xx fee

  10. Thanks for your comment. I've just had a closer look at your photos and noticed your sofa fabric is very very similar to my curtains in the hall. Glad to see it works well with that wallpaper! And feel free to pretend it's yours heh. I spend my life pretending other bloggers houses are mine at the moment, everything is just so DULL in this house at the moment. I can't wait to get pretty again x