Wednesday, 29 April 2009

freecycle fabric kindness and other stuff!!

I got some fabric off a lovely lady on monday night,from freecycle,
its really good quality and theres so much of it, i was dreading hubby coming back and fuming because he'd gone on a world round trip to pick up a scrap of material but no there was quite a lot of it in the bag so that was ok
i think im going to use it to make a roman blind for my living room,
but have the pattern facing outside and just have plain cream on the inside as it might clash with my wallpaper what you think!!

isnt it gorgeous, the lady who i got them off had used the material to make into curtains,
i think it will look lovely against the red of my curtains aswell..all warm and cosy looking ( completely the wrong time of year for warm and cosy i know but we are still getting cold nights!!)

what was really strange was as hubby went out to pick it up for me, i decided to have a laugh and watch 60 minute makeover ( never ever let these people into my house!!) on catch up, it was in warrington, which isnt to far from me but i didnt recognise the place were it was
when hubby came back the house were he had picked up the fabric was actually next door to the place that was being 60 minute makeovered!!!! how strange was that!!!

on my dinner hour yesterday i nipped to the nearest charity shop to me! ( i need my fix !) and picked up this little picture for £1.50!!.. its an original oil painting which i love, im going to paint the frame i think..

im trying to build up a few pictures now to put on my living room wall and create a type of gallery effect, at the minute its a blank wall which i hate "every surface must be covered!!" is my moto so to have such a wide expanse of blankness is driving me mad but i dont want to add a picture one at a time well not until i have a good few to go up!!!!

i mean look at the difference between the two opposite walls in my living room.. a bit extreme dont you think!!!

so there is a bit of a big space to cover!!!

well im off now, dont forget to watch the apprentice tonight and get ready to boo and hiss at Ben oo hes a nasty piece!!!...


  1. Your roman blind shall look lovely :)

    I actually like the oil painting with its original frame, I know I know I am always getting my brush out but I think the gold really sets it off, very beautiful.

    I think many of us love the 'posy' thing ;)
    I know I have quite some floral paintings and prints that I need to get on my wall, i think a gallery sounds lovely, though not yet decided which wall I want them on, need to paint the bloomin walls yet ;)


  2. yes im thinking the gold frame might look nice, think its because im so used to painting everything!!!!

    i dont want a wall like posys as such as hers is all flowers and i feel that would be a bit much for me.. but i like the way she's laid out her pics.. not sure if i would have that many though!!!

  3. Oh, loved that material and the picture, very nice!