Monday, 1 March 2010

hey wait a minute mr postman

Or should i say thank you Mr postman!!!..
for delivering to my house this box of goodies first thing on Saturday morning!!

I won Debbie's over at "Country Heart and Home" blog goodie box giveaway...

now I never win anything .. nothing .. ever.. so I was most excited!!!..

and I wasn't disappointed ..

the door went .. Mr postman handed me the box and I couldn't wait to get it open!!

here it is with all the boring other bits of mail that come through your door.. you know the boring stuff that you have to pay!!!!

here I was getting myself ready to see what lay in the box ooo exciting!!!..

have a look at the beautiful card that I'm guessing the very talented Debbie made.. its now got pride of place on my dresser and its just so pretty..

how generous is this though.. i couldn't believe how many things were in the box!!!

some fab Sarah Smith dusters .. well if you're going to have to do housework you might as well have pretty things to look at as you're doing it hey.. !!

some cute little nests and eggs..

you can never have enough coloured pencils.. ( well in my case we didn't have any so these have come in very handy for being creative with the kids!)

some yummy marshmallows that smell soooo sweet.. and a maltesers egg that actually is still whole.. don't know how long for mind!!

pretty ribbons..

this fantastic book that Ive been salivating over when looking through.. I'm going to make a start over the next few weeks.. as theres quite a bit in there that I know certain people in my family would just love!!!!
oh and an address book and note book..both of which I have been meaning to buy myself so that was amazing.. the address book has already been filled in!!!

egg moulds.. we are going to have some fun with these.. think me and the oldest boy are going to have a go at making our own this week.. I'll let you know the results!!

and not one but two packs of storage tins.. my love of pink and of polka dots are indulged with these gorgeous tins!!

I was really honestly overwhelmed with how generous people are.. isnt the blogging world great!!
Thank you Debbie for the lovely items that I received..!!!


  1. Lucky you! What a lovely selection of gifts to receive. Blogland really is a wonderful place! xx

  2. Well done you! That is an amazing giveaway,you must have been thrilled with all those goodies.

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Wowzer, what a lucky girl! I am soooo jealous! What a fantastic giveaway to win! I am sure that you will put all those pretties to great use! Have a fantabulous day today! xxx

  4. Wow - what a lot in that box - you lucky lady :)

  5. What a fab collection of goodies - really pleased to hear you won. xx

  6. Yayy im glad they arrived safely, i always worry about Mr Postie being a secret shabby chic lover or smelling the chocolate inside!! LOL


  7. I love every single thing! Sooo jealous!

    Mel xxx

  8. Hiya....the barn conversion is the temp home the AGA picture is from their real if you spot it in Corrie, thats is there home....
    Its ok, my posts are so badly written at times!xxx