Thursday, 25 March 2010

100!! ( we're nearly there!)

well this is my 100th post.. i had hoped that id have some wonderful makeover to show you or something spectacularly amazing to talk about ...
sorry to disappoint!!!

well this week we've had pre school jabs, sick babies.. lots of interrupted sleep, still having to go to work as well so i have to say Ive been very tired, i look a kip if I'm being honest..the house is a mess and today the kids arnt even dressed.. how bad is that!!
so I'll just have to show you some of the pretties from this week!!

well i managed to nip out yesterday on my lunch and went up to the charity shops.. there are three in my little town and one of them had shut early for the day.. i wasn't best pleased!!
i picked up this lovely little plaque, it was hidden under a load of cups and i nearly didn't see it!!

how pretty is that. i love it against the red jug .

a little enamel tin.. i love tins.. you can never have to many can you. not sure what I'll put in this yet!!

my mum got me this lovely throw.. i think its very cabbages and roses looking.. its got little cherubs on it as well which is not normally my cup of tea but i think they are very sweet!!..

i haven't found a home for this yet.. the boys tend to chuck my throws and cushions all over the floor normally. so i might have to put this one in the bedroom were it will be safe!!!

then the hubby bought me this sweet little plant as Ive been feeling a bit low this week.. i think yellow flowers do bring a smile to your face don't they..

here they are in the pretty bag

and then in situ on the window sill . so whenever I'm washing up Ive got something pretty to look at!!

so there you go.. 100 posts old!!!

eeeeek...ive just looked at my posts and i only have 98 published posts.. 2 were drafts that have never made it onto the blog to be read.. so looks like i could have more of a cheery 100 post when its the real 100th post!!!!
im so thick!!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a lot to deal with wonder you've been feeling a bit down! I love all your CS finds..nothing like a bit of thrifty shopping to lift the spirits is there? Congratulations on your 100th post!
    Hope you have a chance to have a bit of a rest at the weekend,and that your little ones get better soon.

    Bellaboo :0)

  2. Congrats on 100 posts :)

    :( about the sick children - hope everyone is better soon.

  3. Congratulations on your 100th post! :-)
    Great charity shop finds, I love the throw especially. I saw a duvet cover in a similar design in the charity shop this morning but I was trying to be good and didn't buy it, kind of wish I had now!
    Becky :-)

  4. Happy 100th post - and what a week you've had! It really can get you down at the time, can't it. I so agree about yellow flowers, though - when my mum first became very ill I found myself buying yellow flowers a lot to lift our spirits, and they truly work. How lovely of your huband to think of that! Best wishes for another 100 posts and a better week to come...

  5. Lovely throw, it does look like a Cabbages and Roses doesn't it. Wish I could find such nice things in my local CS.
    Look forward to the 100 posts, Hehe!
    I do things like that all the time bless.
    Em x

  6. Happy 100th post day!!!
    Im hot on your heels, upto 89 or something now. I need more followers so I can have a giveaway!
    Love the pretties, Im drawn to all things enamel! especially red enamel.
    You have a lovely thoughtful hubby there cheering you up when your down.
    Hope the flowers have dont the trick and you are feeling brighter>>

  7. Hi Charl, sorry that you have been feeling low....:>(

    How lovely that he thought of you with some pretty

  8. That did make me smile when I got to the end of your post about the drafts :o)

    Lovely little tin and such a thoughtful hubby. x

  9. srry you are a bit down - sleep deprivation is a form of torture!!! - take care

  10. hi there - just a heads up but Warrington DO have them in stock - ive just been!! there is some confusion and they are being held and not on the shop floor but a very nice lady showed me all the pallets of them! and then was nice and let me have the other one that i wanted but i suspect they will be put out tomorrow from what the supervisor was saying as they are now showing on the tills which is what they have been waiting for !! they have had them for 2 weeks apparently so i suggest you go there asap and ask nicely if they arent out ;-) x

  11. Love that blue tin...


  12. Charl you always find the prettiest of things in CSs, I love all your new pretties :0) The flowers are gorgeous and hugs from me, hope you are feel a little sprightlier, the sunshine is out here, always helps with my lows :0) Yes Lesley has been making me chuckle with her adventure to Ikea, hope you get some and do post a pretty photograph when you get it :0)



  13. Happy 100th post! Love your pretty finds. xxx

  14. Yellow flowers are so cheery aren't they. Some great CS finds there.


    Your finds are lovely. Well done on nearly 100 posts. ;)

    You can never, ever have too many tins.

  16. Congratulations on your 100th post. Great finds there. I love the little sign. So pretty. xx

  17. i hope your feeling cheerier such an infrequent blogger..never pay attention to how many posts i have written-i am a terrible blogger!
    sweet flowers and bargains =)

    have a lovely weekend

  18. Congratulations on your 100th post!!!!!

  19. Hey there xx

    Just love your blog!!!
    I own a vintage ice cream van thought you might like to take a peep... or FB page Vintage scoops group or i also blog too x x
    My van is called Betty and she is dripping in bunting and Cath oilcloth xx

    Hayley Southwood x