Thursday, 11 March 2010

white feet and daffodils!

well I'm not talking about my white feet ( even though they are.. the hubby says they look like they've been killed they are that white..gross !!) but the feet on my bath.. Ive finally finished them off properly .. so here they are.. i think they make the bath look much pinker now ( is that possible!)

took advantage of the gorgeous ( and warming up i must say ) sun today and got the boys out for a walk.. we headed into town which is only a ten minute walk from our house so its just right for little legs .. and mummys legs to!

i picked up this lovely pair of pillowcases.. in a gorgeous pale pink with flowers on.. very ck i thought..

and guess how much!!??...

that's right not even 60p how fantastic are charity shops when its just run properly and not trying to outdo selfridges on price!

so Ive popped these in the washing machine and i cant wait to put them on the bed!!

speaking of cath kidston ( did you see what i did here!) lovely mum picked this little makeup bag in the charity shop the other day.. do you see the tag...

do you see the pattern.... i think its her washed roses pattern.. I'm so made up.. a little bit of Cath always brightens up my day!!

so anyways on the way home. we called into the florist by our house were i bought two little bunches of daffodils..

i think they look a bit like asparagus all wrapped up!!

Ive popped them in my little green jug which has been crying out for yellow flowers for weeks i think .. and I'm just going to watch them open up and be full of yellow joyousness for me !!!

and now I'm just taking advantage of the fact hubby has taken the boys to get a hair cut.. ( oooo this is the baby's first hair cut... just a little trim.. I'm not losing his curls yet!!)

so I'm catching up on some blogs.. and having some home made soup that i made last night..

carrot, onion, celery and lots of chilli....MMMMmmmmm!!!!
trouble is .. its really needs a massive chunk of crusty bread and butter to go with it but I'm on a diet now ..well not diet .. more healthy eating and cutting back on the junk Ive been eating.. i only started on Monday it has been the longest week of my life haha!!


  1. i need to get me some really nice soup recipes!that soup looks gorgeous and lucky you on the cath kidston find!
    im having to make do with the sale on her website =( which is a poor excuse of a sale compared to your bargains

  2. Two super bargains!
    One CK....bliss!

    I LOVE the bath....oh tis my dream to own day me hopes!


  3. Oooh,I'm so in love with your bath! I've always wanted a claw foot one...and the feet look lovely now you have painted them.Those pretty pillowcases were a brilliant find and a complete bargain!...and a CK make-up bag in a charity that's a surprise.I'm buying the 99p bunches of daffs every week at the supermarket,they really cheer me up,and like you I put them in one of my(many!) jugs.

    Bellaboo :o)

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Your bath looks fab, great colour. You are good making soup , it looks delicious but I know what you mean about bread, it's my real weakness and I desperately need to lose some weight again. The pillowcases are really pretty, I keep finding lovely pillowcases in the charity shops too, once they have had a hot wash they are fine and often they look new anyway, I think sometimes things just get stored for years unused.Have a great weekend.
    Ann x

  5. Your bath is gorgeous! I love it. What a bargain with the pillow cases, they are so pretty! xxx

  6. What great CS finds. Your bath looks lovely and I think we all need some Spring cheeryness after this never-ending winter.

  7. How can somebody possibly even consider throwing out CK!!! I bet your glad they did though, what a fab find! and I love the pretty pillow cases.

  8. You have the best bath ever!!!

    Victoria x

  9. WOW love your bath! Gorgeous. Did you paint it pink or was it already that colour? Love it :) x