Sunday, 7 March 2010

keep it in the family!

about three years ago when we moved into our house.. we bought a little dresser like shelf from the car boot sale for about £1.50, the woman had originally wanted £2 for it but it was practically closing up time and we were down to the coppers!! she took what we had left !

anyways it was a horrible old orangey pine.. that soon went when i painted it an off white.

so i put it up in my kitchen.. but the way id decorated it did nothing for me after a year so we soon decorated again.. i didn't think i wanted the shelf back up as id put different shelves on the other wall and i didn't want it to look a bit to much shelf'tastic !!!

i offered it to my mum who put it up in her kitchen were it looked most pretty with her things on.. then about a year later she had her kitchen completely refitted and didn't have the wall space for it.. so she gave it to my sister.................................. were it sat in her attic for a few months!!

have i mentioned how even though my sister has a beautiful very old house.. its full of character and once completed will be just fantastic.. is so not bothered about interiors.. well that's a lie, she does have very good taste.. simple Nordic clean lines with a bit of traditional chintz thrown in.. but isn't obsessed like me and my mum about shelves and jugs etc.. preferring killer heels instead!!!..

so it has sat in her attic and i just knew that there was something missing in my bathroom.. a space that was growing bigger by the day when i looked at it!!..

so on Friday i hop skipped and jumped into her loft to get it.. ( yes her house is that fab.. her loft is a proper room with a staircase with a gorgeous cast iron fireplace..obviously were the housekeeper would have lived!!!).. i know that she wont be using it any time soon and then once she does think about wanting it. I'm sure I'll have found something else to go in the space.

yes this little shelf has been around the family!!!..

we always do this though.. keep all the things we buy mostly between ourselves.. are you the same??

so here it is.. i decided to put the books that we are reading at the time on here as well its a bit more hygienic than keeping them at the side of the toilet ..urgh!!!.. but im sure if your a busy mum like me you realise that this is sometimes the only time that you have a few mins peace to enjoy a good book!!!

Ive put a few bits on that Ive been collecting over the past few months but I'm sure it will soon have a change around!!

and here is a little pic of the mid afternoon sun from today.. i just loved the light it gave off through the lace drops and with the wallpaper it looked so pretty!!

forgot about this little tray i bought the other month so ive used it to hold the aftershave and perfume collection haha .. my collection is very poor in the fact i have one bottle and 2 testers!!!..


  1. Your bathroom looks lovely, the wallpapers is so pretty. I love the pink and green theme, one of my favourite colour combinations. Your little shelf is like the one I got at a boot sale and now have in my bathroom.
    Ann x

  2. Perfect place for that shelf and yes my family are like yours. My poor mum's garage is constantly full up of things me, my sister and my mum all pick up at bootsales etc and swap around :o) Good job we all live within 2 mins of each other! xx

  3. I think that shelf has now found it's home! It looks gorgeous in your bathroom! In fact the whole bathroom looks fantastic, and what a stunning pic of the sun shining through the window!!

    Sharon xx

  4. The shelf looks fab, funny how it sometimes takes a while to find the perfect spot for something! We are similar in my family, things get swapped around a lot. Your bathroom is lovely by the way, so nice and spacious and pretty!

    Mel xxx

  5. I love your bathroom and that shelf works perfectly in there.

    We tend to recycle stuff within our family - often going through several houses :)

  6. The shelf is perfect for your lovely bathroom...isn't it amazing how a lick of paint transforms something!
    I pick things up from car boots/charity shops and store them in the garage until I can find a suitable 'home' for them.
    Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine!

    Bellaboo :o)

  7. Oh wow, your bathroom is gorgeous! xxx

  8. What goes around, comes around! - your shelf was obviously meant to stay with you!

  9. It looks just perfect there, as if it was made to measure. It was obviously fate.

  10. How fantastic does your bathroom look! I am sooo jealous! Mine really needs an overhaul but we just keep putting it off as it's a big job. You have inspired me! xxx

  11. Just popped in to say hello I've enjoyed looking at your blog and will call again. Please pop over and visit if you have time.

  12. I am bet you are glad you kept it in the family. It looks terrific. Your house is beautiful!

  13. Reading on the lav - brilliant....wish I had the time.

    Your bathroom is looking a real treat and very English cottage....if that is a description?? sorry.