Thursday, 4 March 2010

finally finished!

Ive finally finished my first ever quilt!!..

it only took me one weekend to sew all the squares together and sew onto the backing and wadding..
it was the bias binding that took the longest.. i even took it into work to pin it all i did that one lunch hour and it took the whole hour!!.. ..
but my sewing machine is proving to be a little temperamental at the mo so after a few stitches the thread comes out of the needle.. and then on one side the cotton is all looped up and loose.. so i think its the tension or something so think I'm going to have to get some one to take a look..

so i had to wait to take it to my mums and you know how things pop up
anyways i digress were was i.. oh yes the quilt

so i was going to sew on the binding myself, took it to my mums to use her sewing machine but luckily she stepped in and did that bit for me ( i mean come on mum how many hints did i have to give you!!!!)
and here it is.. basically i just used most of the free fabric samples that you can order online from john lewis!!!.. which cut down on the cutting of the fabric as they were just the right size haha..

i used mainly greens and pinks.. with a few red bits thrown in.. in spotty, check and floral patterns..

and i had bought some red gingham from a carboot last year so this was used on the back

i am pleased with it especially as it was my first attempt.. i have got the quilting bug now though so as soon as i get my machine fixed i already know what I'm working on next !!!

so today we were rudely awoken by our 3 yr old at around about 5.30..jumping on us wanting us to get up .. have breakfast etc.. when i finally woken up and made the children's breakfast, washed up, put a wash on, put some washing was still only just turning 8am!!.. i thought to myself how this was going to be a long day.. so i thought id take them into town.. run the legs off oldest boy and have a mooch round the charity shops.
i was dreading it though. .i never take both out on my own ever.. not since they were in the double buggy..( it was about the size of an estate car though was far to heavy !!) so usually we are stuck in which gets very depressing..

anyways oldest boy was simply amazing.. was so well behaved and once we got the toy bought and the little cupcake bought for him . .he was even better..
it made such a difference and the chance to be out on this glorious day has done us the world of good!!

i bought this blanket and i love the faded pastel colours on it.. i think sometimes the checked blankets can look a bit heavy looking but i really like this and at £1.99 i couldn't have left it!

i actually quite like it at the end of my bed and i like how it has the same colours in as my throw over so they kinda match in their own way!!

well i seem to have wrote a lot .. probably bored you halfway through so well done if you got this far!!!


  1. That looks amazing well done you.
    I like the blanket you found to it goes really well in your room.
    Emma x
    p.s I am going on a bit sorry, but loved the wallpaper in your bedroom too...

  2. Your quilt looks gorgeous, really like the colour combo. Great tip about the fabric samples! x

  3. Wow, I am in awe as I tried quilting once and it was a total disaster, never tried it since. Your quilt is amazing and gorgeous prints used too. Your check blanket reminded me I had one of those once. Have no idea where it got to, had totally forgotten I ever had it until I saw your pic! Your bedroom looks very inviting, I am jealous! Have a lovely day! xxx

  4. Well done Charl, you've done a great job. The colours work well together. I love the wallpaper in your bedroom.

  5. Your quilt is gorgeous,you must be thrilled with how it's turned out,and the blanket goes so well on the bed,that was a bargain not to be missed.I love that wallpaper on the chimney breast and the fireplace is lovely...I always wanted one like that in the bedroom.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. I hope you are feeling suitably smug with that quilt, it's glorious!!
    New to your blog and will definitely be back!
    Ali XX

  7. Wow your quilt is gorgeous. Well done and what a great Mum for helping. Love the wallpaper on your chimney breast wall in your bedroom.

  8. Gorgeous! Well done you it looks terrific.

  9. I always end up having to do the binding by hand as my machine seems unable to cope with it.

    Looks gorgeous - lovely colours :)

  10. Beautiful Charl, well done gal, It looks so pretty and I love the colours, can you make one for me know please ;0)



  11. not know please but NOW please ;0)

    I love the way you blog, I really do, thanks for making me smile :0)


  12. I love the quilt, really pretty!

  13. Hi Charl, love the patchwork quilt, it is lovely. did you find it easy to do? I'm busy making one, I've cut the squares out, now on with sewing them together.
    Oh, I've added your lovely blog to my blogroll. xxxx