Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fantastic Mr Freecycle

I love freecycle.. i really do.. i look around my house and so much of what i have is from there.. its great

this weekend, i again picked up some more things and lovely they are to!!
i got this lovely cupboard.. which the lady had said was a bathroom cupboard.. when i saw the picture i thought i would perhaps take the doors off and put it in the boys bedroom as a bookshelf.. ha ..that was until the hubby brought it home and i thought.. "nah to good for them to ruin it within seconds!!" but then i had a bit of quandary as i really haven't got any spare walls for cupboards these days.. ( i obviously need a bigger house!) didn't want to put it in my bathroom as i like what is already in there.. so i said just leave it there and I'll have a think...

and i liked were it had been left !!.. so now i have a hallway cupboard!!!

i think I'm going to change the handles to pretty it up a bit more but isn't it just lovely.. i love the little curly edge on the back.i think it was from IKEA but they don't make them anymore..

Ive been trying out a few bits on it this morning.. i still have to put some actual photos in the frames though!!..

along with the cupboard..off the same lady we got this lovely little shelf.. which I'm going to put at the top of my stairs.. theres a tiny bit of wall that's empty.. it needs filling!!.

and then this laundry basket.. our basket was falling to bits.. every time you picked the lid up another bit of twig fell off!!!.. so this is great and it sits right in the corner so doesn't take up any room.. always a bonus!!

oh and here's a plate that my sister gave me last night when i popped into see her.. i love the pattern and the edging is so pretty all frilly!!!

reminder to self... need to buy some plate holders so pretty plates can go up on wall sometime soon before breakages happen !!!!!!


  1. I've got a corner laundry basket too. I've had it for years and it always fits in wherever I live. I love the little shelf and cupboard.

  2. Got the same laundry basket...which Bella likes to chew!
    I'm going to look into this freecycle myself.Your little cupboard and the shelf are lovely...very YOU!

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. I'm a freecycle fan too although so far I have just given things away othere than somebody giving away a carrier bag full of buttons - now that was a treat!

  4. Gorgeous cupboard & that shelf is so what I need in my kitchen. Lucky you.
    Have a lovely week.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. Good old freecycle. I have found some real gems on there and long may it continue! That's a lovely cupboard. Way too good to go in a boy's bedroom! xx

  6. OOOhhhh! I getting myself over to Freecycle right away! I have heard about it but never checked it out, You have got some lovely stuff there from it.

  7. Freecycle is brilliant, we got a gorgeous 1920's china cabinet from them, and a set of leather bound charles dickens books, wow!!! xxxx

  8. I love freecycle. I just got a massive bag full of beading stuff on our local one.

    You new items are lovely.

  9. wow! I love freecycle too ............. except we don't have it in Ireland :o( Or do we? I'm going to check right now x

  10. Thanks for you comment. I'm glad you found me your welcome anytime :)I'm glad you felt inspired by the colours in my garden...blame it on the curyly haired irish gardner Dairmid
    I was feeling a little wistful for summer and remembering my lovely English garden...I'm here in Sweden at the mo in very slowly melting snow waiting for spring to burst forth!

    And now I've found you too! Loving your blog and that shelf is really sweet and I really like the plate too!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Freecycle is fantastic isn't it. We were given a wonderful old chair that a friend was able to reupholster for us, it looks so pretty now. I love the shelves and cupboard that you were given.

  12. Hey there Charl, I have a bog award waiting for you over at mine! Pop on over and pick it up! xxx

  13. Hi I have just discovered your great blog - I love your bathroom (and everything else!)
    I am new to this blogging but having a great time.
    I do Freecycle but nothing as nice as your finds have come up so far, I did get a dustbin bag full of bubble wrap though !!
    Have a great weekend
    Sue x