Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dresser makeover........done!!

here's the big heavy lump before!!!!

and here's the lovely pretty after!!

well i have to say I'm quite pleased with my new dresser... i am usually miss slapdash and throw the paint on but i did try better this time and be a bit more respectful of the piece!!

here it is with the undercoat on.. now me being sooo clever thought it was best to do it outside as i usually make so much mess.. but it got damp so the undercoat went a bit funny !!

and here she is in her pale sage glory!!

to be honest i cant get over how pale the paint was. it certainly wasn't that colour on the tin it was a darker shade, it was only a Homebase own brand and was quite thin paint so wasn't the best, I'll know for next time..
now at the minute my singer sewing machine is stuck in front. i need to find a spot for her as shes been made redundant from the dining room, there is only so much furniture you can take before your house looks like a junk shop don't you think!!

so as i had the paint brushes out i got the hubby to bring from his works warehouse a fireplace that Ive had for a good few years that id got from freecycle.. it was rotten .. covered in what looked like wallpaper and was black with dust.. not nice!

since Ive bought the floral sofa from Ikea the room just hasn't felt right.. i knew it needed a fireplace but the hubby said he really couldn't be bothered knocking holes in walls etc to fit a i knew we didn't need to do this!!..
we had a little electric stove in our under stairs cupboard that we haven't used for ages. so i brought this out and it was a perfect fit !!
i found a tin of Farrow and Balls Clunch among my other paints and used this to paint over that nasty brown wood.. and here we have a new fireplace!

we were going to get a hearth for it but because the space is pretty limited i thought it might look a bit bulky so we're leaving it for now..

Ive changed the way the mirror hangs normally and turned it round so it goes across the wall .. I'm going to paint that as well as its a bit to silver for me but I'll do that another time now!
Ive also been able to get out my little vintage linen runner Ive never really had a home for this until now and i think it looks lovely on the fireplace ( also handy for hiding any bits Ive missed!)

i love this room now it feels so cosy and defo a winter hangout!!!
and that mantlepiece is now crying out for me to fill it with goodies!!!


  1. Fabulous makeover, your room looks gorgeous:) Tamara

  2. Blimey! You have been busy! How awesome is the dresser! ♥LOVE♥ the fireplace and mantle.....actually the whole room looks mega fab! A real inspiration and lift today! Thank you! xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Adding the fireplace really makes the room look cosy & ready for winter :)

    Your dresser looks lovely too. Want to come & make my orange pine one look gorgeous????

  4. Wow and double WOW! You have been all looks amazing..and that dresser,what a transformation!
    You're going to have a great time decorating your room this Christmas! The one thing I missed when we moved into this house was a fireplace.I'm so glad we decided to put one in cos it makes the room so much more cosy and gives it a focal point. :o)

  5. Wow great transformations! The room looks sooo cosy and inviting!

  6. Your house is lovely and cosy and very stylish!
    I LOVE what you have done with the dresser, you should start a business!! I recently made over a tallboy for my bedroom and I had so much fun doing it.
    I also love your Singer table, I have the machine but not the table and dont know what to do with it.

  7. Fireplace make the room make very catchy and sharper. I am impress to see your fireplace . Well, Good to see your lovely room.
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  8. Everything looks just gorgeous. You did a great job on the dresser. I've got one that I still haven't managed to paint yet, did you just sand the top down to get that lovely wood finish? xx

  9. I need to start painting my furniture but right now it's about getting some paint on the walls!!

    The room certainly looks cosy,

    Victoria xx

  10. beautiful, i was just saying to Shabby chick earlier that everything looks so much better painted white!!

  11. Wow you have done wonders with it you wouldn't believe it was the same piece of furniture well done ;-)) It looks amazing, and i adore the fireplace def a cosy up room it looks beautiful ;-)) Dee x

  12. What an improvement!! It's gorgeous!!
    Really love what you've done with the dresser & fireplace!!

    Sharon xx

  13. Gosh, it looks fabulous, Charl! Can I move in please?
    I'm afraid I am putting my hand up and admitting we just have too much stuff...but, of course, I'm going for the 'junk shop' look. It's the new black, don'tcha know!!
    Maybe you might be the push to inspire me!
    Z xx

  14. WOW!

    Loving the dresser and fire place...
    What a difference
    Your room looks so lovely and homely and cosy
    Have a wonderful weekend

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