Thursday, 10 February 2011

all things white and beautiful...

oldest boy went back to school today.. so that meant me and the baby could have a mooch around the charity shops.. my favourite charity shop (aka the one that the people who work in it don't actually think they are working in Selfridges and hike the prices up and up but actually keep it at charity shop prices!!) was closed .. this has happened a few times over the past few weeks..fuming as they do tend to get proper little treasures in there..
so I had to make do with the others which arn't so good...but I did find a few things so was rather happy about that..

first off this lovely table cloth..

it was the blue stripe that caught my eye at first .. it was underneath some really naff faded kids curtains.. ( not even shabby chic but just shabby!) so I dived in and pulled out this wonder!..
its not only got the blue stripe but then a floral design that's been sewn on in between the squares.. lovely..

then I found this little candle pot holder..

it smells gorgeous and look who its by ... Sophie Conran.. posh ey!!..

shes obviously not someone whose things I could afford to buy at full price so this was a nice little bonus ..
I've popped this on my hallway cupboard so you get a nice whiff when you walk in through the front door!!

then these two sweet little cups and saucers..only 99p for the pair so I had to get them!..

they are really delicate and the pattern that's on them reminds me almost of a cabbage leaf.. not sure who these are made by as there is no name but that doesn't really matter to me.. as long as I like it that's all I usually care about ( unless I know I can flog it on ebay for about £15 more than I paid for .. heartless me.... well maybe!!)..I thought they would be lovely with a tea light popped in.. perfect size !

got me thinking then with my two little white purchases about the other white things in my life!!.. and you know I hardly own anything that's just plain white!!

my mum gave me these cups when I bought my first house.. she bought them when she was about 21 and living in Germany were my dad had been posted when he was in the RAF, I love these, but am frightened to use them as I would hate to break them ( she gave me the saucers to match and I broke one..sssh don't tell her!) so I tend not to use them but I just like seeing them when I open my dresser door .. v stylish don't you think!!

here's the bottom ... bet theres not a lot of things that get made in West Germany now!!

these are Royal Doulton. now get me I am so posh!!..

I think they are really unusual. quite squat arnt they in shape.. I'm not sure what they are meant for.. I think maybe they would be nice with a very rich chocolate pudding in.. served after a grown up dinner for two.!
I saw these in a box in a charity shop for 10p each.. didn't have any money on me (not even 10p!) and when I went back for them they had gone.. the next week my mum presented them to me.. she knows my taste that woman!!..

then there would have to be a jug of some sort involved !! .. this one is from the charity shop..again I love the shape of should be filled with wild daises shouldn't it.. cant wait for the summer!

the lovely white lantern I bought from IKEA .. it looks lovely when its giving off the candle light ..
- although it looks a bit ghostly here !

this teeny weeny enamel candle holder that I bought from the charity shop a few weeks ago. it was covered in bits of tinsel and plastic berries .. I ripped them off and was left with the plain but ever so cute number!!

and then as I'm clutching at straws here now!.. another of my coffee jars that Ive recycled.. with a white ribbon tied around filled with all the ends of burnt out candles..

so there you go.. very few plain white objects to be found in this house.. I never realised how colourful I actually was!!!..


  1. Lovely finds i like white although thinking about i don't have anything except for the odd lace trim on my shelfs and lace tablecloths. I love your jug. Its amazing how much colour seeps into our homes ;-)) Dee x

  2. fabulous. I got through white phases (I named November my 'White Month', and tried to keep everything as white as poss. Candles, china, flowers, bedlinen. It was to clear my mind and home before Christmas, and I am so going to do it again soon).
    You got some corking bargains lady! And yes, you are posh ;o)

    that jug is gorgeous, I agree, daisies in summer will be perfect.


  3. Those white cups and saucers are very like a Wedgewood design called 'countryware' which I have a few pieces of. It does have a cabbage leaf design,so if they ARE you got a real bargain there! :0)

  4. Such pretty finds :) Love your table cloth and new china :) xxx