Monday, 14 February 2011!!

well lissylou from the delightful lissylou and the 2 little boys blog has awarded me this blog award.. for being stylish.. haha.. if you could see me now in my long socks .. grotty jeans and the cardi i wear for bed on.. i dont think you would put me and stylish in the same sentance !!. anyways thanks love for thinking of me .

here are the rules that come with it.. ( you see theres always a catch!!)

1.Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
2.Share 7 things about yourself
3.Award 15 bloggers
4.Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about me

1.I get really bad headaches when i eat fudge, shortbread or pork pies!!...
i know it sounds a bit mad doesn't it.. but even the smell of shortbread sets me off with a headache..not sure why!!

2. Ive been with the hubby for coming up to eight years and we have only ever been to the pictures once together.. that's right...once!!.. i hate the pictures.. i hate the fact i have to sit there the whole time.. i like to get up and have a walk about ..and i hate the fact I'm always cold wherever i sit once I'm in there.. oh and the film we did get to see when we went.. Narnia!!

3. i once did a carboot were i made the grand total of £ wasn't even enough to cover the pitch which was £8! was a horrendous day that .. it was raining and i had to stand under a plastic sheet never again i said!!

4. my ideal saturday when i was a kid wasnt going to meet my friends at the local shopping centre to hang out.. it was going to our corner shop,buying a can of cherry coke, a bag of crisps and a mars bar ( you could get a lot out of a pound back in 93!!) and then watching a black and white film all afternoon... i loved it.. i used to sip my cherry coke out of a vintage shot glass from a set we had to make me feel sophisticated and also to make it last longer!!

5. me and the hubby are currently going through a Dr Who phase... we have lent all the DVDs from my nephew from when David tenant was the Dr and are making our way through them each night.. i tell you its crazy in our house, we have become a little bit obsessed talking about them like its real..!!!..

6.i am a real nosey parker.. if i walk past or we are driving past peoples homes and their curtains are open with the light on .. i always look in.. i think that's why i love blogging and reading peoples blogs becasue i just love nosing around peoples home.. i should be an estate agent really shouldn't i !!!

7.i had an imaginary friend called Michael Charm when i was little..he was so real to me that i used to make my mum set a place for him at the table.. it makes me laugh now.. i mean were did i get the name Michael Charm from!!!

now i am suppose to then award 15 other bloggers which i think is an awful lot and I'm sure most of you had it anyways so I'm going to do what I've done in the past and say that any of you lovely ladies who read my blog be sure to take the award for yourself and let us know some things about you... they have to be a whole lot more interesting than mine anyways !!!


  1. I love Doctor Who, you're in for a treat when Donna (Katherine Tate) is the companion. Blogter Who is a great Who blog. My favourite current Who was on tonight, the Van Gough one, so well written I had tears in my eyes. Another two converted!

  2. Michael Charm, eh? You did have a wild imagination. I loved your younger ideal Saturday, that still sounds pretty much perfect to me. xxx

  3. ;-)) loved your answers David Tenant swoon....;-)) I watched them with my boys brilliant but when he left i left the programme to but they are good ;-)) Michael Charm bless you did you maybe have a secret crush on Michael Cain ;-)) Your saturdays when you were young sound great to me. And i know just what you mean about going to the cinema im a bit the same i think thats why i dont watch TV either i just cant sit still for to long, and i loved Narnia. have a lovely day, dee x

  4. We hardly ever go to the cinema either.I think the last film we saw was when we took my niece to see the first Harry Potter! My sister and I watched Dr Who together when we were little and she used to hide behind the settee,she was so terrified! Like to look around other peoples houses,that's why I love all the 'homes' progs on the TV,especially 'Escape to the Country'.
    Congratulations on your award! :0)

  5. Hi Charl, congrats on your award.

    I like to see other peoples houses too, its great to see how others decorate, even though it may be different to what would have etc. That's why I also love the Country Home and BBC Antiques mags too.

    Going to the pictures is one of my fav things..but Carl and I haven't been to an adult movie in many years, we just see kids ones now :)

    Michael Charm, what a great name!