Wednesday, 9 February 2011

on the up

oldest boy has been off sick with a stomach bug so we've been confined to the house.. which has meant lots of snuggles on the sofa and staying in our pjs all day.. ( any excuse for me .. i would wear pjs all the time if i could.. so comfy!)
so Ive not been able to get out and rectify the lack of charity shop goodness that's not been coming my way!..( see previous post!)
anyways i was having a bit of a sort out yesterday and found some pics that needed going up on the walls that Ive had for ages, which have either in the past been taken down as something else was going in their place or id bought and just not put up...
so i gave the hubby about 4 mins after he got in from work to have a bite to eat and then i went and got all the necessary bits and bobs that you need to put things up on walls..( does anyone else know the different between a nail and a screw.. i don't .. id use anything..which is why I'm not allowed to do any the jobby jobs like that!)

so i find this little poster that id got free from a magazine last year.. its very much like the "keep calm" posters ..

id forgotten i even had it and there it was sat in drawer looking at me.. i found this frame and plonked it in and i think it looks OK ... i was going to put right next to my Keep Calm picture but i thought it might lose the effectiveness somewhat so Ive put it above the computer when I'm washing up i can see it and maybe encourage me to keep on washing every single pot the hubby insists on using when he cooks!!!

Ive had this sweet little picture for about 3 years but Ive never put it up before.. i found a space for it and i think it looks perfect there..

i don't know if you can see the little white gate in the pic but its soo sweet and looks like beyond that gate is the most loveliest country cottage... well i can daydream cant i!

we put up the bath pictures i talked about in my previous post..

i honestly think they were made for that bit of wall there.. Ive wanted something there for ages but wasn't sure if a little shelf or something but the pics just fit the space don't they.. i did run past the hubby the idea of me painting the side of our bath in the style of the pics.. he said not to think about it unless i wanted it to look like a child had done it... he does have a point here!

Ive had these two pics for ages and they have been in loads of different places but for a while have been living in a drawer.. the pic that they are next to has always been a bit off centre because i just put it up were some previous pics had been and used the nails that were still in the wall !!..behind this pic there are holes and pencil lines to mark out hanging out the previous pics so its hiding a multitude of sins really.. so because it is off centre it actually frees up room for the two pics to go in..
i love this corner now as i think with the hanging birds it looks really cheerful and bright...

i was given this picture by a family friend who paints the most amazing pictures..

well i actually chose this one.. he does amazing country kitchen scenes and boats and lighthouses.. but i just really liked this one.. he didn't want me to have this one as it was one that he'd done years ago and was never happy with.. but i love it. i love the lupins in the corner and the little lace curtains at the window..

Ive kept the frame dark for now i might paint it but i actually think the darkness brings out the colours more in the pic...

this corner is fast becoming mummy's corner isn't it..
(really must buy some pollyfilla to fill in all the holes in my walls..they are everywere!!)

well to be fair the whole house really is my tastes..but in a house were you are outnumbered .. 3 boys to me.. well i have to stand up for myself otherwise it would be a huge telly on the wall and a football table in place of a dining table!!!

put the home letters up over the doorway.. it looks a bit pants in the pic like they are to small for the space but they look really cute in real life!!..

now these little pics have been every were.. i even put them on ebay but no one wanted them so they have been in hiding for ages and ages..

well I'm very proud to say i put these two up myself i just hammered some tacks in the wall because they are only light ..had to do it a few times as they weren't straight and then were not exactly in line with each other but hey just call me bob the builder!!

aww i found these two pics of our boys when they were both only a couple of months old..

so these have gone up to.. so when they are both being little tinkers I'll just look at these and remember how they were amazing baby's!!!
so for now i think that's mostly everything i wanted going up.. i do fear that if i put much more up on the walls the house will cave in!!!


  1. All your pictures look lovely in their settings.I have loads of holes in my walls too where I have put up a plate or a pic and then changed my mind and moved it somewhere else!
    I know I've said it before but I do so love your bathroom!
    Hope your boy gets better soon.There are a lot of sickness bugs going around right now. :0)

  2. Love all your pictures! Your home is fab! I'm right there with in a house with 4 males, I put my foot down when it comes to decorating, my tastes always win. Sometimes I feel sorry for hubby that he doesn't have one room he can at least make his own, but the balance of boy stuff has to be made!!!!! I did ask hubby the other day that if he had to decorate our house and I had no say, how would he do it and what would his 'man'style' be? He replied that I had pretty much ribbed off on him and it wouldn't be that much different, just not as many girly trinkets about! So I don't feel bad now AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope little one gets better soon for you!

    Vanessa x

  3. Your pictures look lovely, your home is so pretty :) xxx

  4. ;-))) Your post made me smile bob the builder i put all my photo's and pictures up etc the only thing i can't do is drill a hole im to scared to. I can lay down floors etc and paint walls and floors but i can't use a drill ;-)) I have to say you have some lovely pictures and they really make a home. Enjoy them all, dee x

  5. Love all your piccies! I had the silver lining print too, but I ended up chucking it out as I never got round to framing it. Kicking myself now.

    Your bathroom really is lovely. Where did you get the wallpaper from? Is it Cath? I love it. I want it! Your latest pictures WERE made for your bathroom, you were menat to have them. Serendipity.

    Hope your little lad is on the mend now.

  6. oh charl,i love your pretty home and all your lovely things ;0)x
    Thanks for your message it cheered me up...i see your poor boys have been poorly- bless them xxxx your pictures of cottages n gardens are really lovely x

  7. Your house is stunning! Nothing like an ecclectic mix of pictures to make a statement.
    Hope your little 'un is better soon. xxx

  8. Lovely pictures, I too have that that one and a your the cream in my coffee ? I think that's what it was, Ideal Home freebies. It's somewhere in a box waiting for a frame.

    I lurve your bathroom - you lucky woman, hope your little one is well again soon xxx

  9. Perfect pictures! Those CS ones were meant for your bathroom as well as for that bit of wall! They look great!
    My problem is that I have lots of photo frames but never get round to printing off photos to put in them!! I hate the new fangled camera/computer way of downloading photos.......much prefered taking them in to be processed, being excited about collecting them and then filling albums that could be browsed through at my leisure!!

  10. What a busy been, lots of piccies and they all look fabo. Still have loads in the loft to put but never seem to get around to it as can't make my mind up then chicken out! Maybe I might try again after seeing how good all yours look. xx

  11. Love the 'every cloud...' poster and the floral wall paper is so pretty

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  12. there is an award for you on my blog x