Friday, 11 February 2011


this weeks Friday frock is almost a cross between nautical and school girl!!
so this is an eBay number .. grand total of £6.99 .. i actually stayed up past my bedtime to put a last minute bid in on this... i wasn't let anyone else have it!!..

i love the little white coller and the blue ribbon bow..the ribbon is actually attached at the back .. good quality you see.. these days that ribbon would be hanging on for dear life..ready to fall off the minute you look at it!
it came with its very own vintage skinny belt to..
i love red and blue ..its always a winner i think..
i wear my vintage wool blazer over this ..

i love this ... its very school girlish i think and as our school never had blazers for the girls until i left ( so not fair!) I'm reliving the school days again in this one!! this is another ebay find and this was £4.99... love the back of it as well... so well made..
and the red piping detail and the buttons..what is not to like about this jacket.. !!
now the shoes.. well these are actually from OFFICE..i know get me shopping in real peoples shops.. i got them in the sale.. £25 ...eeek i know a lot of money for me to pay for something but i just loved them.. i thought they were sooo retro and cute looking and think that i will get my wear out of them when its cold with thick tights..but then come the summer, shorts and a stripy t-shirt.. think 1950s nautical so i think just this once im allowed to pay over a tenner for something don't you!!!
best thing about these shoes is.. they are called.... Benny four eyes... haha how good is that name!!

add my vintage bracelet that came from the charity shop for 50p..i did have a navy and white one as well but i cant find that any were. I love the way it clips open at the side when you want to put it on,
must have a good look round for the navy and white one to as it would look great on my other arm!!
then all topped off with hair in a messy beehive and the new red lippy
that my mum gave me.. she never wore it so brand new.. so rimmel lippy for free.. thanks mum!
so there you have it.. a cross between sailor girl and school girl!!...


  1. Nautical but nice what a fab outfit and i love your lippy too,
    Love Kristina x

  2. I love the blazer - very smart.

    As for red lippy - what other colour is there to wear :)

  3. I love peeking in your wardrobe. That blazer is fabulous, I love it. I can't get over those shoes, they are perfection, I think I'm in lurve. xxx

  4. I love the dress, especially with the blazer and shoes! Splendid!!

  5. OOOHHHHH Love the dress and that jacket wow i love the red piping its lush ;-)) A great combination, have a great weekend, dee x

  6. I love what you put together, you have such a good eye for clothes. the shoes are to die for!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous clothes!!! Ive been looking on ebay myself, trying to find some lovely 50s style dresses, no luck though :(
    Hope your having a great weekend :) xxx

  8. I love it. You have your won style, it's bold and retro, and I salute you. Gok Wan would be so impressed girlfriend!


    p.s thanks for wallpaper info!

  9. won style should be own style. Too quick to comment, I need to proof read first! x