Monday, 21 February 2011

Project Dressing Table

i love my bedroom.. its somewhere that i love to be in.. if its a sunny day it gets so much light and then at night it just becomes so cosy that i could quite happily stay in there ..its a hard place to leave.. especially in the mornings after Ive been very happily cosied up in my big ol french antique comfy bed...

i love my vintage trunk that i got from freecycle, which not only looks lovely in my eyes but is also v practical as it holds my guest bed linen

i love the junk shop chair with the beautiful detail on it, and you may be surprised to see i haven't painted the wood.. not like me i know but i think the dark wood works well with the faded fabric on the chair..

i love the fireplace that we found at the top of our road in an alley way, as soon as we carried it in, i knew it had to be pink!!..

however .... there is a little area of my bedroom that is really letting the side down.. its a bit of a blot on the ol landscape of my bedroom and that is the space were my dressing table is...

it just lacks oomph!!..

my dressing table was a junk shop find for £8.. our baby was about a month old when i bought it so it really was a rush job to sand and paint ( even for slapdash sally me..!) i painted it in about 7 seconds flat and didn't even bother to do the inside parts.. that you can actually see, that's how slapdash a job it was!!..
so i know it needs a new coat of paint to freshen it up anyway, and I'm thinking of painting it more of a chalky white instead of the cream that i used..

but its the top of it as well that offends me..

i mean its just soooooooo dull..

(please note the state of my door.. i am planning on replacing all the doors in the house as soon as i have enough pennies!!)

at the minute most of my accessories are in the drawers..

my vintage clutch bags are in one..

my scarfs and belts belong in another

all the hideous hair products that i need to get my hair to actually resemble hair and not a patch of turf !!

and then on the top of the dressing table my big bangles go in the smoked glass vase.. which probably doesn't help because that's quite a dull colour to start with isn't it..

so it is a practical piece of furniture as well holds quite a bit so i know i cant get rid of it ..

i just don't know how to dress it to give it that vintage, glamorous look that i do think it deserves..

you have to admit it does look pretty depressing doesn't it..

i have tried to find images on the Internet for inspiration but the only ones that seem to come up are images of ebay.. that's no help!!!

so I'm asking for your help... this is project dressing table!!!... if you find any images that you may think i could use as inspiration .. or even have any ideas of your own.. could you help me and send to me..


  1. I love your bedroom Charl! I have a roll of that wallpaper, but stupidly only ever bought one roll so it has to be used for small projects!!!!

    Well, if the dressing table were mine, I would paint it white or light cream and replace the handles with ceramic rose ones that would tie in the wallpaper perfectly! Might be a fiddly job though if your current handles are drilled either side. Homebase did some nice and cheap ceramic rose handles but Bombay duck I think still do a good range.

    Will love to see what you decide to do!

    Have a great day!

    Vanessa xxxxx

  2. that is a lovely cosie bedroom x


    I like the dressing table here - with the 2 mirrors

  4. I love your bedroom too! If you have a collection of things..say china or something pretty like that,you could put a lovely vintage embroidered cloth on your dressing table and then arrange your things on that.I have put my china posies and chintz china on mine. :0)

  5. i my goodness - im in love with your bedroom! If i were you I woulnt be able to get up in the morning cause its so cozy! I got a 1950s kidney bean shaped dressing table from ebay which all ive managed to do is change the drawer knobs on as it was already painted white but I would like to spruce it up a bit too. Will love to see what you end up doing with your dressing table. Scarlett x

  6. Your bedroom is lovely and that piece of furniture is gorgeous. I had something like that at uni. I bluetacked vintage postcards, photos and tickets to the top and then got a piece of glass cut (for under a fiver) and placed it over the top. It looked fab if I do say so myself.

  7. your bedroom is so pretty, for your dressing table, perhaps something like this...

    I really like this idea :) xx

  8. love your bedroom.

    well, I think I'd paint it white, change the handles, then line inside with wallpaper, glass or mirror on top, fairy lights around a venetian style mirror on the wall, a lamp, some flowers, and a few books.

    I'm sure you'll do something splendid with your dressing table. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  9. I have a similar idea to the other bloggers.......change the handles and I thought put either a nice embroidered table cloth/runner on top or cover a piece of, slightly smaller than the top, hardboard or something similar in pretty oil cloth and then it can be wiped clean if you get any makeup or anything on it. Def agree with Sadie about a mirror and fairy lights too!
    Cant wait to see the finished makeover!

  10. What a beautiful bedroom! My salvaged dresser is painted "Fairy Dust" by Crown, a pretty peppermint pink. Crystal knobs would look fab and why not wallpaper the top? xxx

  11. You have a lovely bedroom i adore your wallpaper and your bed Wow thats a real beauty. You could always decopatch the top of it and the draw fronts its very easy to do and as long as you use the right glue it seals it and protects the top to. Have fun what ever you chose to do ;-)) Dee x

  12. I am sooooo in love with your bedroom!

  13. I normally just buy oilcloth and place on the top (cu roughly to size). I would buy a couple of sets of 6 glass handles from B&Q (think they are about £6) - see my bedroom wardrobe ones. Why not paint it a vibrant colour that tends to make things look more deliberate - a nice bright pink or something?

  14. Hey Charl,
    Some ideas for you:
    Pretty perfume bottles and a few girly accessories arranged on top.
    A little jug of real/fake flowers.
    Some pretty tea lights.
    As for the top, I think its just the stuff on it thats making it look dull, not the thing itself!
    Pretty it up with some accessories! i bet you have loads already xxx

  15. glad to be of help! If you need to find fairy lights, this site is BRILLIANT.
    If choosing LED, pick 'warm white',it's the more traditional white, not the nuclear glow ones!

    and found a pic of glass/mirror cut to size and used as table top, to explain what I meant.

    also, only have your prettiest jewellery displayed on top, keeps the whole thing looking pretty and girly :O) xxxx

  16. I was going to say exactly what Vix has - little crystal knobs and some pretty wallpaper on the top of the unit, or even on the drawer fronts. You could get enough from a DIY shop sample, I'd go for something pale, subtle and shimmery. A big jug of flowers would cheer it up, plus some vintage glass jars for holding bits of bobs.

    I can't wait until we decorate our bedroom and get the right furniture in there - hopefully I'll be able to get a huge wardrobe rather than two small ones so I have room for a dressing table too!

    And enjoy your pimped pizzas ;) x

  17. I love your bedroom too!
    Gosh, so many wonderful'll have a hard job deciding!!
    I have one of those vintage 50s/60s cream & gold jobbies, which came wth the glass top. I've put a beautiful tatting doily that the wife of one of my cousins made, under the glass. You can sometimes get those 'bedroom sets' in the CSs along with the glass sets-little powder puff bowls and ring holders, and they come in such pretty colours. More choices...
    Can't wait to see what you do!
    Z xx

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