Thursday, 24 February 2011

And I know its going to be .... a lovely day

woke up this morning with a bit of a face on if I can be honest.. combination of tiredness.. children's diggy little elbows in my my back ( i know I'll miss them getting in my bed when they get to old or cool enough..!) . and just the thought of getting up, making the breakfasts, doing the pack lunch, shouting like a fishwife all before 8am and that's before even doing the school run.. its the same every day and probably the same for most (if they are being honest!) mums all around the world!!

but on my return from said school run.. I've had a cuppa and a piece of toast,

brown bread buttered hot toast is always a winner ..proper comfort food for me!

put a wash on ( which always makes me feel better.. weird i know but i do love the sound of the washing machine on in the background.. think i feel like I'm getting things done!)

and then received this little beauty in the post.. i was a winner of fee-bees from the lovely mini blog give away..

I'm now the proud owner of this little needle case from Cath Kidston.. its far to sweet to be put away in my sewing box though so think I'll keep it out for now for everyone to admire!!!

thanks fee-bee for running your giveaway and even better for me winning it!!!...

looking out the front window i just loved how the sun was shining on the wall opposite and the pavement.. it just seems to be giving off a lovely hazy and dare i say it... spring like sunshine!!.. so had to take a picture of it ..
the sun just makes everything feel better for a start... ( apart from highlighting the fact my windows are filthy!!! )

and then just before i noticed that my chives that have been outside in their little pot since last summer and i thought would have been killed off in all that snow.. are back!!.. they seem to be growing again.

.which fills me with joy.. i love it when things start growing in the garden again..

so i think what I'm trying to say is.. I started the day with a heavy heart.. but now i feel like maybe its going to be a good day ... and if its not.. then I'll make it into one!!!


  1. Firstly,well done on winning that lovely needle case,so pretty.Despite Bella barking to go out at 6am,and waking us up..I find myself surprisingly chirpy..must be the sun pouring through the windows here too!
    Hope you make your day special. :0)

  2. Hej Charl

    Just to let you know you have been entered for my blog giveaway.
    That window photo is BEAUTIFUL!
    Love your herbs growing in the tea/coffee caddies great idea!

  3. Well done on winning :) I too love the sound of my washer, lol, it does make you feel like things are getting done in the house, makes you feel industrious, lol :) xxx

  4. What a lovely post! You've made me feel all happy! xxx

  5. that is a lovely post.

    Been sunny and bright here today, and I am with you about how it shows dirty windows!

    tea and toast, yum, and I agree with the washing machine sound. Though mine has been on almost non stop today, so I'm fed up with it. Normally I love it.

    hope the rest of teh day was as good. xx

  6. awwww i hope you had a good day in the end. I love it when things to start to grow and come to life to, we all need the sun it really does change your mood. I know what you mean about the sun showing up the dirt on your windows mine are terrible but its one of those jobs i hate ;-)) Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  7. its amazing what a little sun can do,waking up to a blah day can be so draining.
    bring on the spring


  8. hi I am glad you like the needle case .
    I just noticed some chives in our garden I am thinking of a nice cheese and chive quiche
    Love your nets they look so pretty its strange isn't it how you think your home is all nice and clean and then the sun pops its head out and says you missed a bit (well a lot in my house better get dusting)
    xx fee

  9. My favourite comfort food, marmite on brown toast with lots and lots of butter. Have a lovely weekend x

  10. What a fantastic giveaway. Well done on winning! I'm trying not to be jealous!!

    I love your blog. I'm a-following. (Is there a non-stalky way to say that? I think not!!).

    I'll have to check whether my chives made it through the winter. Yours look as though they're thriving!