Tuesday, 8 February 2011

a bit of a drought

i don't know what it is but there seems to be a bit of a drought in the charity shops lately...

usually i come away with a pretty tea cup.. a little bowl.. a pretty of some description anyways..

can i find anything that looks at me off the shelf, begging me to take me home.. nope!!

i did think that this week the drought had come to an end.. when i found these pictures ...

how lovely are they.. i am going to put them in the bathroom..i think they were just made to go in my bathroom to be honest..i could even try a similar pattern on the side of my bath..what do you think!!??.. but then knowing how slapdash i am with a paintbrush...it might not be such a good idea!!

and this huge tile that is going to go outside on my garden wall... ( when it gets a bit warmer!)

its so heavy.. i'll have to make sure that the wall is actually strong enough to take it!..

i thought i was on a roll then.. but then that was it again.. nothing..

what can be done.. i love my thrifty buys and the way things were so much more delicate with less of a mass produced feel.. can this drought carry on for much longer..

i hope not!!

...showing though that you don't always have to leave your home to get a pretty.. my sister had been to stay at her in-laws at the weekend.. and her nan-in law..( is that right??!) offered her this little dish its not really my sisters cup of tea but she said she knew who would love it!!.

so back up the motorway it came with her were it has found a little home among my glass bits n bobs..

its so pretty.. and its rather old.. it was her late husbands grandmothers.. i wonder what she used it for.. did she serve up little bonbons in it . .or was it just for show!??


  1. Those paintings are gorgeous, and I am sure they'll look lovely in your bathroom :) xxx

  2. I'm finding the CS a bit hit and miss just now - I saw this post:
    which has reassured me that 'tresures' are out there!

  3. My CS shops have been pretty rubbish since about November last year. Those prints will look gorgeous in your bathroom x

  4. Charity shops are always hit and miss, that's why I love them so! If we found gorgeous hings all the time it would be too easy & everyone would be jumping on the bandwagon.
    I really love that lovely wall tile and those glass cake stands are my favourite thing for displaying jewellery. xxx

  5. Those pictures are lovely,perfect for your bathroom! Don't worry,I'm sure that the CS's will have some more treasures soon.Enjoy hunting! :0)

  6. ooh, love those pictures, what a good find. And really adore the glass dish, I've got a bit of a thing for glass pedestals like that. I got one just before Christmas from The Range, £5.99. Thought that was a total bargain. Not as nice as yours though, that's beautiful

  7. You are doing better than me at the CS's! Those pictures are great! All I managed to get was an Ikea star lantern for £1.50!

  8. ohhh i love that wall tile that is beautiful and those pictures are so cute ;-)) I know what you mean but i think its the time of year get to the end of this month and into the next and people will be spring cleaning etc and then the bargins will be found...i hope, well thats what im telling myself ;-))) dee x