Saturday, 28 March 2009

china posies and keyholders!

well today has felt like a very long day! when your rudely awoken by your two year old at silly oclock in the morning it does tend to set the scene for the day !!

I had a late night last night I went up to my sisters house to help paint their dining room, they've just tounge and grooved it all and its just going to be plain white but with a new england style with accents of reds and navys im just jelous thinking about it, gorgeous!!
so as you do, paint brush in one hand and a glass of rose in the other, it did prove to be a late night! but babys and toddlers dont really seem to worry about that do they!

so we started the day off with a big fry up at my sisters and then a walk into town with her and my mum plus 2 babys in prams and my 5 year old neice and had a look round the charity shops!!!

i got a lovely china flower posy which takes me back to my mums dressing table when i was young, she has said that she will have a look and if she can find it i can have that one aswell..oo i hope she finds it!!!..
ive put it on my dresser at the minute, it looks really sweet and the colours are lovely i think somtimes they can look a bit naff but i think that depends on the colours!

then in the junk shop a bit further along, i came across this little number !!

it is missing a piece of mirror were the hole is but the lady in the shop said she does have it at home so will bring it in and leave it behind the till for me so i'll have to keep going in and reminding her!

im going to give it a little paint (ofcourse!) probably in an antique cream and then put it on my hallway wall it will be a perfect place to hold my keys as im always losing them just as im on the way out aswell

heres a little close up of the shelf like bit at the bottom

it was only £3 aswell and there was a little card on the back saying how it was handcrafted product so thought that was quite sweet!!
came back home and ordered some fabric off ebay to make some cushions for the living room, its lovely so cant wait for that to come, ( is it wrong to get excited about material!)
hubby made us home made burgers and chips, sorted the babies out, my youngest baby is teething so is lying in his cot with bright red cheeks at the minute, so im thinking we are going to be up a lot tonight with him..anyways if it gets really bad and he wont settle down I'll put him in his pram and get on with my painting.. multi tasking dont u just love it haha


  1. I love both the pieces you bought esp the one for your hallway its going to look fabulous....and the posy is so sweet, it makes a change to see one without roses, although is that a lemon one at the back, but its lovely too....great buys Charley xx

  2. thanks lovely.. your right there is a yellow rose hiding in the background but just the one!!..