Monday, 30 March 2009

A Week Today

A Week today I will just be coming home from work, finishing my first shift back in work after nine months...
I have been on maternity leave after having my baby in July and its now only one week away that I have left until I go back!!!
I really don't want to go back, I have so enjoyed my time at home being able to potter around the house,do housey things, go into town and have a mooch round the charity shops being able to have a look at all the lovely blogs on here and spend HOURS ( while the baby was asleep of course!!) just going round peoples houses enjoying their ideas via the world wide web!!! and best of all Just enjoying being off work!!

now my work isn't really stressful, I'm a receptionist and I work with lovely people but its the thought of the 9-5 or in my case 10.30 -7 day at work,
I'm going to have to get myself organised this week.. there is lots to do..

My kitchen ceiling needs painting
The boys chest of drawers needs sorting out
The whole house needs a good spring clean
Bathroom cupboards need sorting out
My wardrobe needs sorting - mostly winter clothes going back in attic and some summer clothes being brought down in the hope that it will get warmer!
Sorting out the baby's childcare, taking him for his little visits to get use to nursery
Ringing the Child tax credit people to ask them for a little bit more money to help pay for said nursery!!

I then have to set some routine for morning times as we will have the two baby's to get ready and get to playgroup plus get us to work
I know we will do it and perhaps this is what I need as I don't think Ive had much of a routine since I was off.. but I really don't want to leave my baby!!!..
Him and me are like little buds.. we never spend any time apart, my 2 year old is such a daddy's boy so I do feel like I have my own little mate as well and I just know that putting him in nursery 3 days a week is going to break our little bond that we have at the minute..
but needs must.. bills must be paid and for now this is what we have to do..

sorry about the long rambly post but I feel so much better writing this down!!!!


  1. I completely understand how you feel - I'd quite happily stay at home all day and keep busy there if I could afford too, and that's without any little babies to keep me company!

    I hope your going back to work goes smoothly and that your little one settles in well to childcare :) xx

  2. (((charl)))
    I promise that your bond won't be broken - I went back to work when my 2nd boy was 4months old (back in the days of minimal mat leave lol!!)he is 11 now and we are still really close.
    Good Luck getting everyone (inc you x) settled xxx :)

  3. thanks girls.. i know i will be ok once im there it is just the thought of it that seems a whole lot worse isnt it!!

  4. Good luck Charl,

    I have to think about going back to work now also, as you may know had a tricky time with O, being born so early and not being with him in those first 7 weeks whilst he was in SCBU and haven't emotionally been able to leave him at all, though think the longer I leave it the harder it shall become

    Thinking of you



  5. Good Luck! I can understand how you feel, it must be terribly hard but you'll be fine. Promise.
    Chin up chicken. (((hug)))