Sunday, 29 March 2009

what sundays should be like

I have always hated Sundays, I don't know why,maybe it was the fact that no were was no shops open, imagine that now no Sunday jaunts out to ikea etc!!!

nowadays its because its the end of the week and everything seems to need doing, washing, ironing, going to see the in laws, so the fact I cant stand this day seems to be enforced every week

well not today.. !!

it wasn't a real special day or anything, it was just the feel of the day,

had a really nice chilled out day mainly eating cake and drinking cups of coffee,

oh and i managed to paint the key holder that i bought yesterday,honestly home base quick dry satin really does do what it says on the tin.. it only took about an hour to dry, we were going to put it up tonight but couldn't find the things to hang it up with..that's a job for the worker tomorrow!!!

had a lovely tea of spaghetti and meatballs and garlic and tomato sauce with garlic bread all made by hubs washed down with a large glass of rose,

then after baby's went to sleep, i got out my sewing machine and made a cushion using some nice fabric i got from globaltex fabric off ebay, i think its really pretty so Ive ordered some more as i think it goes lovely in my living room without looking to matchy matchy with my wallpaper
don't want to go down the route of everything matching. what am i in the 1980's!!

then Ive just had a lovely bath and read my book in bath . aww what luxury!!
so all in all its been a lovely day.. and the fact that the sun has shone all day has really helped.. long may Sundays like this continue..nice and chilled and me actually enjoying them!!



  1. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday! Love the cushion. I know what you mean about just wanting to enjoy the day. My husband is always fidgeting and nagging about doing jobs or going out but sometimes I just want to potter about doing nothing in particular.

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