Friday, 27 March 2009

Nearly there!!

Hi all !

Ive managed to nearly finish the dresser that I bought on Tuesday, all I need to do now is put the handles on but they need some washer or something to make them fit, that's the technical bit that I don't have anything to do with , so waiting on the hubby to get on with that!!

I really am pleased with it, there was a point when I was painting it and it just looked really scruffy but its come up nice in the end, it fills the space lovely, and makes that end of the room seem a lot brighter than before,
I wouldn't say it is dressed how I want it, in fact it looks a bit rubbish but I'm going to be now on the lookout for a lovely tea set and also I want a red gingham lampshade on a cream lamp base which I think would look sweet on it,

well here is the before shot, it was a little bit dreary for me! the varnish was really strange as well sooo thick and it was almost Burgundy in colour, oo and the drawers had cobwebs in them with spiders eeeek!!!!!!!

and then here is the after shot!!

I used the left over bits of my cath kidston wallpaper for the inside panel of the doors, I think that makes such a difference to it, I love this wallpaper though I think its really lovely and it feels like its been hand painted which I don't think it has but it has that effect!!!

as you can see the handles are not on yet but here's a pic of them, I bought these from Homebase the other day I got 2 pink and 2 white ones I thought 4 pink roses might look a bit much!!

so that's that, I keep coming past it just to have a look at it !!!

well this afternoon I went to look at a house, its a 6 bedroom detached house that's been on the market for absolutely ages and ages!!!..I didn't tell the hubby as he would only say "what is the point!!" so me and my sister went up, its soooo beautiful ( well it could be, it absolutely stinks at the minute!) it has such potential and sooo full of character I have already moved my furniture in and decorated every room, there is no way we could afford it but a girl can dream cant she!!
my sister has said to go in with a really cheeky offer ( well Phil and Kirsty tell you to don't they!) but I think what I would offer would be beyond cheeky.. oh but I could so see me and my family living there and me finding homes for lots of unloved furniture that needed my comfort!!!!!!
so Im going to spend the weekend trying to persuade my hubby to have a think about it!!!!


  1. what a fantastic makeover you should be very pleased with yourself :-)
    love the wallpaper on it , a really nice touch
    lesley x

  2. I love the wallpeper too, it is so beautiful, well done :)

    Go on make an offer ;)


  3. Charley its FAB!!!
    You can come down and do mine thats been hiding in the playroom since last June!!! I live by the sea it'll be a little holiday really??? Go on you know you want too lol!!! X

  4. Wow Charley you did that makeover quick! It looks gorgeous. I love the wallpaper too, very special. X

  5. That looks lovely Charley and I love the rose handles , how much were they if you don't mind me asking....I like how you chose 2 of each colour, good idea.
    I expect to be hearing soon about you putting a cheeky offer in lol....good won't now unless you try xxx

  6. The dresser is fab!! well done, i love it x

  7. Oh..........WOWOWOWOW.......GORGEOUS!!!!!!!