Friday, 20 March 2009

Dish of the day!

I like Dishes! what says you.. 
I'm not talking about the david beckham kinda dish but he is lovely aswell.. I'm talking about the type you see on a charity shop shelf and you make a beeline for it, hoping that the woman in front of you doesnt go for it at the same time as you will be ready to rugby tackle for it !!!
I am hoping over the  next couple of weeks to find a few more plates as i have a little bit of wall in my dining room that I think would look perfect with a little collection on, I currently have two not a great deal but its a start isnt it, im looking for pale greens with pinks/red roses design on them so I shall keep you informed of "The Great Plate Hunt!!"

I love this little plate its got a really pretty curly edge that looks a bit like lace and on the back its got Handpainted by Edith which I thought was really sweet!!

this one is pretty to , obviously a bit more subtle than the other one.. this only cost 20p so was a complete bargain!

I love these two serving dishes I love the flowers on the edge of the little bowl, I'm never sure what I could serve in this probably some nuts with a gin and tonic perhaps but the bigger one is great for veg when your having a roast etc and want somthing a bit more special!!!
(hmmm I'm just imagining a nice crisp G+T now with a little bowl of honey roasted cashews think I'll send hubby to shop on a mission!)

when I bought this one I thought it was actually the same pattern as the two but its nothing like it at all.. must be the baby brain that I have!! but it is similar in colours isnt it and I just love the little house picture of it.. wouldnt we all love to have a little house like that.. even if its just at the weekends.. couldnt live to far in the woods need my charity shop fix atleast once a week!!!  

    what makes me sad is my mum had a welsh dresser full of gorgeous big plates when we were kids but then the whole black ash furniture came into fashion sometime in the 80's and it all went.. these would have looked perfect in my house now...were are they now if any of these plates want to come forward I would be happy to give you a decent home again !!!

Well I'm off for now, hope you have good weekend I'm hoping to get to Homebase they have 15% off this weekend thats lots of paints that could be bought for future projects!! 


  1. That David Beckham comment really made me laugh. Love those plates, especially the last one.

  2. Love the collection so far, I think they will look really good on the wall, how many are you aiming for? I'll keep a look out for you x

  3. Love the China, really pretty.
    I have 2 little tea plates that are in that style, I had them in a SC swap, but I might look out for more.

    Love and blessings

  4. im not sure how many i want. probably about 4 more as i think it will look more effective with a few of them!

  5. Hello

    Thought I would pop over to your blog and say hello!!

    Sam xx

  6. Love the plates and dishes !!

    Oh forgot to say hello there too !

    Sara x

  7. Hello welcome to blogland!! love the plates x