Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Retail Therapy!

thanks for the lovely comments from the previous self indulgent moany post!!
It is always hard to leave the baby's behind and go back to work, I was like this last time but when I'm being realistic I have to think at least I will get a lunch break a break time and actually use this as some "me" time,
and I wont be spending how many hours a week covered in sick and food and all sorts!!!!!!!!
( but on the flip side i will have to be wearing a totally naff uniform and blouse urgh!!)

Today the baby had to go for a little visit to nursery to get himself used to the place without mummy being around, the little beggar didn't even flinch when we left or hold out arms to cry for me or anything.. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to feel relieved from this or a bit put out!!!

Whilst he was there me and hubby ( who had day off work!) walked into town as the nursery isn't far from it, it was actually really nice not messing around with prams and children and we could actually walk next to each other holding hands, it was like we were courting again!!!

anyway we decided that a touch of retail therapy in the charity shops was needed, I got a few nice bits

I bought this sweet little teapot jug thingy for 10p yes that's right 10p.. !!!!!!!!

its quite small really so sits nicely on my dresser ( this poor dresser is going to end up collapsing under the weight of all the things I'm buying for it!!!)

from the "proper charity shop" i say proper as their prices arnt trying to out do Selfridges I got this little tray cloth.(what are the charity shop prices like were you go.. do you find them getting pricier by the day!). its got really lovely pretty edging, and its really well made I thought I might make a nice pillowcase/cushion cover with it here's a close up of it but it doesn't look that good as its a bit blurry!!

its doesn't come across in the picture but its a really pretty pink not washed out as some of them can look i think

I found this lovely picture it was in a real tatty frame but the colours just jumped at me, I love all these old vogue style pictures, It needs to be in an ornate frame, probably something some a bit art deco really.. I shall have to keep my eye out !!

this is another buy for my bathroom when I finally get round to doing it as I think it has a bit of a Parisian feel to it and i am using cath kidstons "Paris rose" wallpaper so sticking with that theme!!!
then finally a bit of Pyrex!!!
I'm not really a fan of Pyrex normally I find it a bit depressing to look at ( how can Pyrex be depressing i hear you ask.. i just cant explain it!!) but this to me is different it must be the colour.. Ive not seen any in this lovely turquoise colour before and it has such a pretty snowflake design on, I'd love to get hold of a bit more in the same style as it really is lovely.. well car boot season is starting up again now isn't it so I'll just have to keep an eagle eye out!!

so there you have it.. oh and when we came back home there was my ebay material waiting for me so I can now make some more cushions for the living room, the hubby hates cushions and is silently fuming that I'm making more.. but they are so nice to look at don't you think!!!
right im off to try and get some sleep whilst the baby is napping, have been up since about 5.30 and am feeling rather tired!!!


  1. You weren't moaning in your previous post woman!
    I hope he settles in at the nursery well.

    Love your finds, especially that swoontastic pyrex. Drooooooooool!

  2. I think your cushions were lovely, looking forward to seeing more! Well done on that amazing 10p teapot! My CS are really expensive, totally puts me off them x

  3. Oh my goodness 10p for the teapot what a bargain! Good luck for going back to work xxx

  4. My kind of retail therapy. What great finds you've made. 10p? Who can beat that?

  5. Your blog is lovely Charl, I came over from Shabby Chic Cafe which I've just joined and saw some of your projects. You've done so much considering you've got two littluns to take care of, I'm impressed. Hope your return to work goes well, it ain't easy but you'll find a routine and the kids will get used to it. You should find plenty of advice on MSE anyway, just have to be very organised :)
    The charity shops in my town charge so much, I had a browse around today and bought a book for £1.50, couple of other bits I liked but overpriced so I'll wait for the boot sales to start again next week. I like your Pyrex, I have a similar dish in pink...but I'm not keen on all Pyrex like you, some of it is ugly IMO.
    Will pop back soon.
    Gill x