Thursday, 19 March 2009

A few of my favourite things

well I thought Id take a couple of piccies of things around my house that I love.. 
none of them were new when i bought them  which i guess is why i love them all the more,  
( do any of you ever sit there and go round the rooms in your head saying "got that from a charity shop, got that from carboot sale!!" or is it just me ( perhaps i need to get out more ha!)
anyways i think its the little things that make up your home isnt it,
when we first moved into this house 2 years ago i didnt have half the stuff that i have now, im sure we'd be a moving nightmare now but hey ho i'd just have to get a lot more boxes!!

well this is my little wall corner cabinet with some of my fave polka dot china in.. i love it
I was going to paint the cupboard but i think the wood works quite well with the pale blue that one of the walls is painted in, 
i might change my mind but for now its staying wooden!!

Aha we have come to my collection haha!!.. well im working on it atleast.. its my johnson brothers collection of Greencloud and Goldendawn, i love the pale pastel colours of these and the shapes all lovely and round, i know there is a pink version aswell but im not sure what thats called.. i did have the little green jug in my kitchen but i think it looks nice alongside the yellow so it has a new home!

these little plates came from a carboot sale and
only cost me 25p for the four so i have a spare one!
they are so pretty and i love the colour combination  they are on the wall by my sink so i always smile when i look at them! ( smiling at plates am i going mad!!!)

my butter dish which is rather large so im thinking it might be a cheese one instead, i love this the shape of it reminds me of frills and fairytales!


  1. Lovely post Charley, I love those little jugs, was it vintage pleasure who had a whole massive set of them? They look very pretty on your shelf. X

  2. hi gem, yes it was vintage pleasure who had the sets of them infact i was looking at her blog once and i realised that my lovely little green jug which id not long bought was the same as one of her pieces, i didnt realise that it was johnson bros until then.. so now im always on the lookout!

  3. So many pretty finds. I love those jugs, I have a few and their sherbert hues always make me smile.

  4. I love the corner cabinet - when you get fed up chuck it my way lol!!!
    I think I'd leave it in its wooden state its a gorgeous colour....

  5. I love the corner cabinet too....and I agree with the wood and that shade of blue, just lovely....your blogs coming along a treat Charley xx

  6. Have just looked at your Flickr photos and your home is beautiful Charley....imo the perfect mix of shabby/vintage/and CK.....I could live there quite happily lol...just packing me bags luv xx

  7. hi , popped over from Gem, I've got a cupboard like the one in your first pic , I found it in a back lane ... :-).. welcome to blogland
    lisa x