Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It started with a kiss !!!

hello testing testing 123 !!
well I have been reading all the lovely blogs that are out there now for about a  year and I thought I might give it a go and do one myself,
how interesting it will be or even nice to look at will remain to be seen but we'll give it a go hey!
I have always loved shopping in charity shops and carboot sales, love having a look round junkshops and flea markets seeing that peice of furniture that you just know will look gorgeous once its had a lick of paint and a bit of love!!
to be honest I've always thought i was a bit strange that I as a youngish person  didnt want an ultra modern house with clean lines instead I've always wanted "alcoves!" and floral cushions!
So its been really nice and refreshing to find this little blogging world and the shabbychic cafe forum which is full of people with similar tastes and interests 
I know how you all love seeing pictures of houses etc so I will try to post some of mine as soon as I work out how to do it!!!

So here we go hopefully the first of many posts.. some rambling and some wordless hopefully with loads of pics!!!


  1. Nice to see you! I love you photos and home bits and bobs so shall be looking forward to reading your blog. :)

  2. Glad you have a blog now hun :) hope you get some yummy pics here soon for us to drool over xxx

  3. hello :-) welcome to blogland its a very lovely happy place isnt it ?!
    looking forward to your blog posts
    lesley x

  4. Hi!,
    will stick you on my reading list as I love the same things as you do. Things with history and alcoves :-)

  5. Hello! Have added you to my blog reading list

  6. Hiya Charley! So glad you got a blog, you have done some fab makeovers that I am sure everyone in blogland would love to see. Will add you to my sidebar too xx

  7. Welcome to blogland CB, and about time too LOL.
    Really looking forward to more yummy photos.

    Love and blessings

  8. Whoo hoo well done on getting a blog up and running, cleverererer girl, i cant wait to see all your photies...... are they done yet .... what about now........ hummmmm

  9. Gorgeous :)

    Think we shall get along right nicely, me and you, I mean look, my little photograph on your followers sidebar looks, it matches your Blog perfectly :)

    And we both love preparation, LOL

    Looking forward to coming back




  10. aww thanks everyone for the encouraging comments,
    am sat typing this wiv v tired crying baby in one hand so please ignore spellin mistakes!!

    will hopefully make it a bit more interestin as i go on and get used to it!!

  11. Hello, hello, welcome to blogland! Loving it so far :) and thanks for putting my little blog on your blogroll!

  12. Welcome! Enjoy many a happy hour blogign away!