Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Another day, another shelf !!

our house seems to be made up of shelves!!.. theres a shelf of some description in virtually every room!!..
when we bought the book cases for the boys room they had a couple of floating shelves on the walls that came down, so one went into the attic and the other one has been put up in the ( new!) dining room .. the hubby was on a half day yesterday so i let him relax until after teatime and then i made him get the spirit level and drill out!! ( Task master me... hmm yes i think i probably am!!)

at the minute its just got two sweetie jars, two tureens and some little jugs .. it does look a bit bare but i was just seeing how much i could put up there without it looking crowded.. i think a bit more could go up couldn't it.. and i defo needs some fairy lights strung across!!

because its an old house and none of the walls are straight.. even though its completely straight it looks like its on a slope.. madness .. this really is the house that jack built!

after dropping the boy off at school.. ( full days from tomorrow.. YAY!!) i walked into town and bought this pair of lovely plates,

not sure if I'm going to put them up on the wall or use them for serving food..we'll see!

these lovely heart shaped candles..

the box was battered which i think is why they were only 40p!

and this book.. remember the frog song with Paul McCartney... well here's the book to go along with it.!!!

its really mad because me and the hubs were putting on all sorts of different random songs on You Tube the other night and we put this song on!!..
its even got the words and musical notes at the back, so we'll be in for a sing song later! !!!

right well I'll have to brave the elements in a minute and pick the boy up ..honestly these half days at school are a right pain. .whats wrong with just sticking them in and letting them get on with it.. !!!!


  1. I can sympatahise with the wonky walls hun...my old house has the same problem but to be fair Hubby doesnt exactly use a spirit level...in his books as long as it stays up for more than a day his job is done!!!
    haha it looks very nice though...I have the sweety jars but in big they were in the matalan linda barkerrange...or was it anthea turner......???

  2. I too have the jars - mine are full of gorgeous Yankee Candles! Anthea Turner - mine are in 2 sizes - really heavy vintage looking!