Thursday, 23 September 2010

so you sold a dresser to buy a ...

so you sold a dresser to buy another dresser!??.. that will be the question i will face when people see my new purchase!!

sorry for the quality of the pics.. the house is so dark today i cant seem to get a good pic of it!!

yes i sold my little dresser because id had enough of it .. i felt like it had become a little bit twee and although i love shabby chic and vintage style I'm not a twee person!!..

i had seen this linen cupboard in ikea and loved it.. this was the cupboard for me i thought.. a bit shabby chic in style, i would be able to display my pretties still and i loved the colour!

yesterday me and the hubby who had the day off took a trip over to the flea market and were just having a little mooch.. when i saw this welsh dresser just stuck next to some old bits of tat..
my first thought was i could buy it, paint it and then sell it on make a few bob as it were.. but then just thought how i couldnt be bothered with the hassle of it all.. then as we did a few more turns

around the market i thought i might actually like it for me !!
you see the space that has been left by the previous dresser had been trouble.. i kept thinking that red might be to much for me to take and with having a red armchair it might end up looking like red overload.. and i could see this dresser already made over in my head.. so i went back had another look at it and managed to knock a fiver off it ( I'm a skint flint arnt i!!?) so it came to the grand total of £20.. yes that's right.. £20..what an absolute bargain hey..
i also thought this was more likely to withstand the day to day life of little boys bashing into it and not look a complete wreak within a month like the ikea cabinet would probably end up looking like!!!

i cant wait to get the paint brush out and also get all my pretties back out from storage again..
the only trouble is this dresser is slightly bigger than the last one so I'm going to have to buy more things to fill it up with oh what a shame hey!!!

it is a little bit bleak looking at the moment. .i find that dark wood so depressing.. i feel like I'm in a pub or something when i look at it.. now I'm thinking ...cream or pale green what do you think ???


  1. Fantastic buy! Ooooooohhhhh I love a makeover! I paint everything cream or white, but lately i have been thinking a bit of colour is the way to I would go with pale green. It would show off pretties rather nicely!!!!!!!


  2. Great find! Now the dilemma..what colour? I have just painted my pine shelf unit a creamy white and it does show of my china nicely,but equally so would pale green.Looking forward to seeing the transformation. :o)

  3. What ever colour its going to be lovely what
    great find!

  4. how exciting go with what your heart says ;-) Good luck and enjoy ;-)) Dee

  5. What a great buy! You can use the £5 you saved to buy some goodies to put in it!!

  6. I have just painted my pine shelf unit a creamy white, I hope my sister will likes it. It is favourite colour of her for home decorations.
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