Wednesday, 1 September 2010

a mix of the old and new

since Ive been AWOL for a few months i have picked up a few lovely little things, i just thought id show you some of them because they are rather pretty!!

some have come from charity shops,car boot sales and the flea market..a real mix but generally what the whole of my house is made up of!!

i got this huge bunch of fake flowers from the carboot for £1.50, now i tend to find fake flowers quite expensive these days so i thought this was a bit of a bargain.. they go lovely in my pale green jug and fill the window up quite nicely.. also I'm not worried when my little boys are climbing allover the window sill that they are going to tip water every were!!!

this is an ebay win.. its not a genuine.. its from NEXT originally.. i think they sell them for about £20 i got it for £8.. it has a proper ring though so every time it rings i do get a little bit excited honestly im such a saddo arnt i!!?

this pretty dish came from the carboot .. i think its a Past Times dish and its very pretty.. haven't yet found a home for this but I'm thinking it would make a nice jewellery holder..

i love love my little outside clock.. i have been after one of these for ages and ages but they were always a little bit out of my price range.. until i stepped into B&M's the other day and it was only £6.99..well im sorry i had to get it!!.. i love looking out of the french doors and seeing it.. just have to get some batteries now so it can actually tell the time!

i love this Gisella Graham tin heart i bought of ebay.. i love her stuff its so pretty this is on my bathroom cupboard and gets knocked off everyday the poor thing!!

just some more china mugs to add to the ever growing mug collection.. these were from the CO-OP no less .. lovely though arnt they..

loving my popcorn holders that came from this weeks carboot.. cant wait for us to snuggle down with a movie and get these holders filled with treats!!!..

i picked up this pretty plant pot and plant from HOMEBASE the other day.. the pics quite dark but its a lovely shade of blue.. i love looking at it when i walk past.. only trouble is i do have a tendency to act like the grim reaper when it comes to plants so we'll see how long it lasts!

i haggled for this mirror at the charity shop.. i dont know about you but do you find in certain ones the women in the shop give you the once over when you ask how something costs, i must look a bit rich as they always give me some ridiculous price that sounds like its come out of selfridges!!.. so this mirror started off as £10 and i ended up getting it down to £4..crazy!!
oh do you spot my KEEP CALM poster next to it.. i finally got one after wanting one for a few years.. i try to keep buy it but normally Ive got the kids in a headlock while I'm reading it !!

how gorgeous is this little jam pot.. 25p from the car boot, blue white and red is such a lovely colour combo isnt it.. just need a pretty little jam spoon to go with it now..

here is my new wooden bunting that is from East of India.. but i got it off ebay.. its soo cheerful and makes me smile everytime i walk past!!

two lovely jasmine plates, i had to give them a wash as they were sooo filthy but i just adore that buttery yellow colour.. i can imagine gorgeous sugary french fancies being served off these..MMMmmm!!!!!!!

oh heres my little bargain .... 25p for a caroline zoob jug.. she'd be furious if she knows people are selling off her wares at such cheap prices wont she haha.. i just bought it from the carboot sale becasue it was little and pretty.. when i got home and realised i couldnt believe it!!!

another little jug to add to the collection.. think i helped a cats home when i bought this!!

last but not least i bought this fantastic hamper yesterday it doesnt look very big but its huge!!..the minute i saw it i envisioned it being stuffed with balls of wool next to a cosy armchair by the fire.. only trouble is i cant knit and we dont have a fire.. never mind.. !!!!..

well there you have it.. a few little buys.. its amazing how many things you can accumulate over a few weeks isn't it. the problem with me is theres always something else i need to buy !!!


  1. I love that mirror! The clock was an unbelievable bargain and the polka dot plant pot is really cute. x

  2. Crikey you have done well with all those finds !
    Sue x

  3. WoW! You do have an eye for searching out and finding lovely gems.I have the jam pot too,and the matching marmalade one,but I broke the jam's lid :o(
    I think that pretty little dish would be perfect to keep bits of jewelery in.

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. You lucky girl! I had to laugh at the price of the Caroline Zoob jug! I love everything you've aquired over the last few weeks. Well, I like anything rose,floral,baskets, lace ribbons, most things really!

    Welcome back!

    Sandie xx

  5. Welcome back! You have done well with your buys - especially the Carline Zoob jug - such a bargain!

  6. Lmao you are not the only saddo. I too have a dial ring phone, and I am often picking it up talking in to it for no apparent reason but insanity.. I love all your new little trinkets, especially the hamper, how lucky are you.. I can knit and have wool perfectly for it, plus a fire, so if you want to give it a new home I have the perfect setting for it. Though I think my mum would steal it from me to put all her wool stuff in there ha ha ha..

    Oh and confessional moment, I dont know who Carline Zoob is *hangs head in shame*

    Thanks for sharing xx

  7. wow some great stuff! I love those popcorn bowls, great find. The Retro-to-Go blog featured something similar this morning ( but it's not half as nice as yours! x

  8. Lovely buys, those mugs are so pretty! Great blog by the way! x

  9. Wowsers! I love it all, you have some fabulous finds there Charl.
    I especially love that Deco mirror, didnt you do well haggling the old ladies down to £4!!! I know what you mean though, some of them do give you the once over, its quite unsettling in fact.

  10. Hi, just discovered your blog and it's lovely!
    admire your recent acquisitions as well, well done!

  11. theres some great things there!!

    i love the hamper, i have been looking for one like that..lucky you xx

  12. Babe just catching up on your blog!! you have the best Charity shops and aladdins caves by always manage to bag a bargain!!!!
    Great pretties there!
    Annie x