Thursday, 2 September 2010

A Tale of Two Dressers

meet my new dresser.. i got it into my head for a few months that i really wanted a bigger dresser and i was going to paint it blue..
well i kept looking on ebay and even put a wanted ad on freecycle for one. cheeky aint i!!.. anyways i just couldn't get one at all.. the ones that i liked on eBay i kept getting out bid or were just to far away.. so i never thought id get one..
then i happened to be reading an email off my sister when BLUE WELSH DRESSER leapt off the screen at me!!.. a woman that we both know was selling hers and her daughter had asked my sister if she knew anyone who would be interested.. did she ever know !!..
so i never even had to go to the trouble of painting it.. as its the perfect shade of pale blue .. Ive changed the curtains in the doors to a dark blue check..before they were a creamy linen but to be honest they looked dirty..
but I'm very happy with it.. and i love all my little trinkets and bits on.. this is the dumping ground of furniture though as everything ends up on it.. but secretly I'm happy about this as i love the idea of a central piece of furniture that holds all our family life.. you know cards, invitations, books etc.. so i don't mind..

now we come to miss twee!!.. when i first got this dresser i just loved it.. i was so pleased with the little makeover i did on her .. and have since filled her up with all things floral.. but i am starting to fall a little bit out of love with her so have decided to sell her on.. I'll probably regret it the minute it leaves the front door but that's how it goes i suppose!!..

the only trouble is i have all my little bits and bobs to try and rehouse and the cupboard underneath is full of all my drinking glasses so i have these really good ideas about selling things but then its finding homes for everything.. honestly the hubby really does need an MBE or something for living with me and my whims!!!

so are any of you a whim'stastic like myself or are you all pretty comfortable with the furniture that you have!!!


  1. I love the 2nd dresser (more my kind of dresser) - I think you will regret it, it's so pretty! :-)

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    Sian x

  2. Love both of the dressers, you're so good at makeovers!

  3. They are both gorgeous dressers I'd keep them both they are so useful
    I am always changing my furniture that's the beauty of pre owned furniture easy come easy go .I do however look on old photos and say "why on earth did we get rid of that ?"

  4. I love your new dresser, I can see why you are so pleased with it. Your other dresser is really pretty too, can't you keep them both ? You should try living with them both for a while and see how you feel in a few weeks, you don't want to sell it and then really regret it.
    Ann x

  5. I've had a big solid dresser in my dining room and keep wandering whether to sell it or paint it. It's not really my style anymore but seeing yours makes me think I should try painting it and then see. I just keep buying second hand furniture for really good prices but then think I have too much and want to de-clutter. I love your house and all your litle bits

  6. Aww i think there both gorg but i have to say the little one you want to get rid of is my favourite. DONT DO IT ;-)) Im the same im slowly replacing all my furniture with furniture from the 1950's and 1960's and its a love of labour, fun and joy and i am attached to every single thing now ;-)) Enjoy ;-))

  7. wow they are both pretty..I will own one, one day!!!! Nicely adorned too!!!
    Annie xx