Saturday, 25 September 2010

Vintage Rally

well the sun was shining brightly over us today, we had the kids in our room at silly o'clock and so after having a few cups of coffee to wake ourselves up, a quick read of the paper we got ready and headed to a vintage rally that is in the next town to us..

we went to it last year as well i talked about it here

it was a lovely morning.. the sky was so blue it would have been a waste to be indoors.. chilly though.brrr, in the shade .. can defo feel the winter clothes making an appearance now!!

it was pretty much the same this year as it was last, but i saw this gorgeous little caravan this time around..

it looked so cosy all decked out.. the only trouble is you cant get in and have a little sit in them, just have to look adoringly at them !!

we loved this red car. i don't even know what it was called.. but i could just picture me in it.. headscarf on huge sunglasses and applying my red lipstick in the mirror.!!

although it was our oldest boy who was looking in the mirror this time!..

i loved this little red car it was called a babcock electric, love that basket on the back.

and i had to take a picture of the advert that went with it.. if you had this car you were obviously a " contented woman!!".

loved this old van.. or was it an ambulance.. not to sure but it was pretty all the same with its curves!

anyway we came back for lunch and then i got started on the sanding of the dresser.. only the top of the cupboard part though.. oh my arms are aching now though.. why on earth did people think dark stain was actually nice and so applied gallons of it!!!

here it is at the minute then.. think I'll put a clear varnish over this to protect the wood and to give it a nice sheen!!

hopefully I'll get a bit more done on this over the next few days so I'll have something nice to show you !!!


  1. What a lovely day out, I'd love the little red car too!! Good luck with the dresser , I do hate the rubbing down part, but it will be worth it in the end! Thank you for your sweet comments too Charl!
    Rachel x

  2. Am jealous that you've had such great weather today - its been horrid here. Looks like a great place to visit - my boys would have loved that.

    The dresser is looking promising - good luck with the rest of the sanding.

  3. What a fabulous day out. I have been flicking through your blog, your how is gorgeous! I am going to add you to my blog list for others to find too. I found you via birdcages & Butterfies blog. Its nice to met you, Tamara from Australia x

  4. its looks like a lovely day out. I love the car and know exactly what you mean ;-) Your dresser is going to look fab. Good luck with it can't wait to see it finished ;-) dee x

  5. The caravan is lovely, shame you couldn't go inside. You are brave tackling the dresser, I think it will look great when it's finished but I am not sure I would have the staying power !
    Ann x

  6. I so wish there were things like this around me! Absolutely epic.

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  8. A lot people have a thing for vintage. But who can blame them? These things are lovely and remind you of the old era. And these vintage cars are no exception. They may be old but their appeal is timeless. [Nettie Christensen]

  9. That's a cute red car! Perfect for a summer beach getaway. I wouldn't mind it at all even if it's very vintage. I'd be proud to drive that anywhere!

    Leisa Dreps

  10. I’m so happy I found your “vintage” blog. I enjoyed reading your posts, and this Vintage Rally is my favorite, simply because I love cars. I grew up with lots of cars around me. We live in the countryside and our family owns an auto repair shop. That red vintage car is priceless! It looks like a custom-made car. It’s lovely to drive this top-down car in the summer.

    Mae Weitz