Monday, 13 September 2010

The day my house turned into an Ikea warehouse!!!

we decided to go to ikea last week and buy up half of it!!!. we used the remainder of the paltry redundancy money i received and bought a few things!..

first up is my new dining table and chairs..

do you remember what i had previously??.. it was my lovely big farmhouse table and bench..
me and the hubby loved this but it was so impractical..

you would think having a fab big ol table would make for fantastic family meals.. and it did when we had big numbers round but when it was just the four of us the kids just wouldn't sit at it.. they would be running up and down the bench my heart was always in my mouth thinking they were going to fall off and bang their heads!.. it ended up really getting on my nerves so i thought a round table would be much better and the new table does extend so when we have company we just make it bigger
i will miss the table and the bright chairs that always made me smile!!..
but the new one has proved better the children already are getting better at sitting at the table .. breakfasts were a nightmare but that's getting better to.. oh super nanny will be made up with me!!
i have put it in the smaller room next to the kitchen as well as i wanted to make a proper separate dining room away from the temptation of the tv being so close to them..

so at last i feel that this room has a proper purpose instead of me just adding more and more furniture to the room and never being happy!!

so I'm sure you are wondering what has gone into the space that was left by the table and bench arnt you!!.. well wait for it..... if your afraid of florals look away now!!........

i bought this extremely flowery and rather large sofa!!

honestly we had been going back forth to ikea for a few weeks to have look atit and i can tell you it did not look that big!!
Saturday morning after the hubby had put it together the first words out of my mouth were "i don't like it!".. hubbys first words were "tough!" i think I'm not sure of it because of having the other sofa in the other room so i now feel like im living in a DFS showroom being surrounded by sofas!!!
also i ended up selling my Miss Twee welsh dresser over the weekend ( eek guilt and regret have started to make a little appearance here!!) so Ive had to pack away all my china and pretty bits until Ive saved up enough to buy a cabinet Ive seen so the room feels quite bare and the skanky walls full of holes are now emphasised!!
so i think once the rooms had a good old paint and all my pretties are back out it wont feel so much like a dirty great big sofa has been plonked in the middle of my living room!!
well heres hoping !!!

we decided to buy the boys new beds as well . we picked these because they are also extendable so grow with them as it were.. the decision was made for us as i was woken up about 4am by the baby who had climbed out of his cot and come into see us..that's a bit dangerous isn't it.. him climbing out of cots and going for walks round the we thought a bed and a baby gate on the top of the stairs was needed.. its so mad though my baby actually sleeping a bed.. ( hes not a baby is he at 2 yrs old i know but he'll always be my baby!!)

i would have liked to get the white versions of these beds but i thought id have to appeal to the more manly black colour and considering its an all boys household and they are surrounded by flowers and pink every were they do need a bit of boy colours somewhere!!!

and we got two of the expedit smaller bookcases to store their toys .. they have boxes for under their beds with all the little bitty toys in like cars and little figures but they can put their books on here and the larger toys.. i love the bright colours they are just so cheery arnt they!!


  1. i'm really loving the new dining table and chairs

  2. I thought I was looking at my house! I have those table and chairs, although mine are looking very lived in now! ha ha! I also got each of the boys those beds last year. Extendable beds are ace, especially if siblings share a room. I did manage to get them in white without much fuss, as long as the bed covers were very very boy-like! Good compromise for me! Our first sofas were Ektorp just in white and I loved them, although, years ago when we got them, the cushion fillings were different and not as good as they are now. I am desperate to get some more, but I really need to convince hubby, so have my work cut out! You must be exhausted now having put it all together! Have a great day! xxxxxxx

  3. Crikey did you have to hire a lorry to get all that lot home? That sofa is big but it looks sooo comfy. Love the table and chairs too. x

  4. Just found your blog and it's like coming home as I have that table and chair too (really pleased with them) ... and also a blue dresser, Keep Calm poster and I'm sure quite a lot else!

  5. Love the sofa, love it, oh to have an IKEA here in NZ. Beds are a great idea, and I agree with black with two boys myself,18 and 19 there is only so much girlie stuff they can take.LOL

  6. You have been busy! Love the new table and chairs!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  7. I love it all!!! I have an old pedestal table that I painted white and it replaced a long farmhouse style table also...i kept finding us putting all our rubbish on it!! so the smaller the table the more likely we are to clutter it up...well thats the theory anyway!!!!!!

  8. I want a house like this!!!!! it seems homely here!!! hehehe I would like a dining room like yours to eat cakes with te!!!! :D:D congrast for a fantastic house!