Tuesday, 21 September 2010

By accident...but I like it!!!

since Ive sold my dresser that held all my little china bits n bobs.. Ive had to just store it all anywere i had some space until i get the cupboard i really want!!.. ( this saving up buisness does take time doesnt it. .especially when you have to use what you've saved up with to pay a pesky bill or somthing!!)
well i didn't really want my china posies that were on my dresser going under my bed or in the kitchen cupboard as i knew that as soon as little fingers got hold of them it would be bang and smash and that would be it !!! ( we already had a smashing little lamp episode at 7am this morning!)
so i just plonked them on my mantelpiece didn't even think about were i was putting them and as i was just sitting there on the sofa facing them i realised how nice they look !!!

normally the mantelpiece is all cream and white and a bit of glass but no colour but i love the colours of the flowers all together, now I'm not sure if i shall keep them on here because I'm not sure how long they will last in one piece but we'll see!!

also a friend sent us a thank you card and i think the green on the card just works lovely against the little green heart and the green china posy!!.

sometimes i can spend ages trying to make something look nice and i don't like the end result and then like now sometimes i just stick it down with the intention to move it later on and voila i actually quite like it !!

now you would think i had tons of time on my hands wouldn't you with the way im wittering on .. should actually be out of the door picking oldest boy from school as he finishes soon.. honestly i cant get used to this school run lark yet haha!!


  1. Your posies look really lovely on the mantlepiece..and I'm so like you with my bits and bobs,changing and rearranging.I hope you get your dream cupboard soon.It will be worth the wait I'm sure. :o)

  2. They look beautiful Charl, I collect the little posy things too and I think 2 maybe 3 have got into the wrong hands and leaves and flowers have broken off ;0) I have mine on my dressing room table though like to switch things around so when the lounge is decorated may have a see what they look like on the mantlepiece too. Very inspiring :0)



  3. Really like the mantlepiece with some colour. I like you have all cream and glass you've inspired me to add a bit of colour. Shall have to hunt around my house to see what I can find. xx

  4. The mantlepiece looks lovely with some colour! x