Tuesday, 1 March 2011

pottering ...

you cant beat a potter can you.. you know when you find yourself going from room to room just moving things or adding things to what is already there, usually you don't even realise you're doing it until you take a step back and think.... "ooh that looks nice!!"..
well you know i asked for your help on how to dress my dressing table last week.. yesterday i found that i was just having a move around in the bedroom which led to me having a play to see what i could use to make it look a bit more pretty...

so i used the mirror that is normally on my chest of drawers ( £5 from a junk shop.. i slapped a bit of paint on it... ) as i had to move it anyway as the hubby came home from helping his grandad in the garden the other day with a TV for the bedroom.. eeek i hate telly's in bedrooms and what made this worse was he actually brought a bracket to put up on the wall for the TV to sit on... can you imagine it .. we would have looked like Daisy and Onslow from "Keeping Up Appearances" .. so i had to put my foot down as i just couldn't have that.. but as the hubby so rightly pointed out .. it was his bedroom to and the whole house is a reflection of my tastes and he is allowed to have two guitars and that's his lot!!( and even these two guitars get on my nerves.. they don't half get in the way!) ... so i suggested he put the telly on top of the chest of drawers...
which is what he did...

i do find this very offensive!!!

so i had to make room for it so moved the mirror that sits on top and just put that on the only available space i had which was the dressing table and decided i quite liked it there which is a little bonus!
so what else have i used well here goes!.....
i took the little crochet runner off my fireplace in the living room as it was starting to get on my nerves and put that on top..

used some candle sticks that i bought from the flea market last year for about 50p and put them on my little blue glass tray with the glass dishes that hold my hair grips and various odds and sodds that i find on my travels around the house and jsut shove in them to keep it tidy!and also put a lamp that my mum gave me next to the little set ..i love this. .its not an antique or anything but i always think it looks really vintage very 1930s!!

i took the little glass cake stand off my kitchen window sill which i never really use and a little glass dish that i bought from the carboot sale last year which has just been hanging around doing nothing!

so Ive put my cheap and cheerful rings in that..

and then just put a little candle and a glass perfume holder next to it..

added a jug that needs filling with flowers

( you know i cant remember the last time i bought flowers.. the house needs some. must get some later!)

a little glass candle holder that has a lovely etched pattern on it .. which I'll add a nice scented candle in when I'm having a read in bed

and my favourite big necklaces draped over the mirror to

( that is how not to paint around a mirror... you're not suppose to paint the actual mirror!!)

i just need some fairy lights to go round the big mirror thats behind and i think it will feel a bit brighter as well ..

I'm still going to have to paint it all which i think will make it feel a whole lot cleaner as well...but i love the fact that i haven't had to buy anything but just used what i already had.. yet it all feels new, i have to say I'm doing that thing you do ( or is it just me) that keeps going up stairs to have a look at it because its a bit new and the novelty of it hasn't worn off yet!! ..

just have to say sorry for the rubbish quality of the pics.. i dropped our good camera on the bathroom floor and broke it eeeeek.. it cant be fixed which I'm gutted about as i love that little camera so I'm back to using an older one which is basically rubbish!!..will have to get saving for a new one me thinks..


  1. The dressing table looks stunning, Charl! I love everything you've done to it, it's so stylish and elegant.
    Tellies in bedrooms? Eeek! I'm glad it's not just me that hates them with a passion. Mind ou it's only a small one and you could always through some vintage linen over it to hide it when he's out. xxx

  2. Your dressing table looks lovely, very pretty indeed :)
    I am with you on tellys in the bedroom, I dont like it at all!! The sitting room is the place for a telly, ar'nt we women funny fussy creatures, lol :) xxx

  3. Make that a hatrick of 'tele in the bedroom haters!'
    Maybe hubby could use the TV bracket to hang up his guitars???
    Your dressing table looks very pretty; I do love blue and white, very calming.
    That's a bummer about the camera. Can you claim on your insurance? Fingers Xd!
    Z xx

  4. The dressing table looks great Charl, very pretty and feminine!
    Shame about the TV, but you do have to let them have their way every now and then, just so they think they have a say!! hehe xx

  5. Your dressing table looks lovely. Definitely no TVs in the bedroom for me .x

  6. Your dessing table looks very pretty Charl.x

  7. I love how you have arranged all those lovlies on your dressing table, and yes..I do that popping by to look at it thing too! I'm not too keen on the TV in the bedroom either,but Mr Boo very kindly bought me a neat little flatscreen one,so I couldn't really object too much! So sorry about your poor camera :0(

  8. What a difference!! Looks lovely! Even the kids are not allowed tv's in the bedroom - so no way we could have one! lol!
    I always have to keep looking at changes I am pleased with and give a little sigh each time I look!

  9. hi Charl.... I really like the way you've made your blog wider or something? better layout!... i tried to find an email to send you this but couldn't- the pink on pink is reeeeeally hard to read on my laptop :( I don;t know if it's like that for anyone else?? but I wanted to say as I read yours all the time and now I'm getting wrinkles!! hahahaha x x x Love all your collections in these photos- you have sooo many lovely things! x

  10. I hate our TV in the bedroom but because of my disability I'm pretty much bedbound at some points so it is a real must. Thankfully we got a good deal on a teeny, tiny flatscreen that can be fairly well hidden but it still bugs me when I catch a glimpse of it! Haha I could go on and on ranting about it.

    Your dressing table is looking really pretty. I love how you have the things arranged now, the blue set is especially pretty.

  11. love it! It's looking totally gorgeous. What is it with men and tellys? My husband is still in my bad books after he gleefully stuck four stupid speakers in each corner of the living room, so he could get 'really good sound when watching films'. Urgh. He promised they wouldn't even notice, when I saw them the next day I very nearly filed for divorce. This was several years ago, and I still go on about the stupid ugly things. Men!

    Anyway, the dressing table looks fabulous, you've done a superb job xx

  12. It all looks lovely, i know just what you mean about keep going up stairs to look at it i was like that with my curtains last week ;-)) Its quite funny really what are we like ;-)) I love your blue glass tray with the little bowls on it may not be vintage but it sure looks like it, and i also love the lamp thats sitting behind it. I think its great when you can have a change and not spend any money ;-)) makes it even better sometimes some how. dee x

  13. hehehe, love the story!

    We have a tv in our bedroom...nothing better than watching a good movie in bed. Our kids have one too.

    Our bedroom is otherwise full of pretty things. Carl is used to his friends thinking that it is our daughters room :)

    Your dressing table is looking lovely.